Polytune 3 and built in buffer - where to place it in my pedal chain?

Hello guys and ladies,

Does anybody knows polytune 3 TC electronic tuner pedal where goes on the pedal chain? Because of the the built-in buffer that has inside, some says that goes after the wah pedal, some says after the wah and fuzz pedal and some says in the beginning. I know sometimes is where you prefer to put it. Depends on the sound, but where is the common position?

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It looks like just tuner pedal? Seems like before any effects is the right place to me. I’d want it seeing the raw guitar signal, not something that had been distorted or modulated.

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So it sounds like it might cause issues with fuzz / wah , if you have one of those you could try it out and see.

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curious - that the input of a fuzz or wah would not like a buffer. Maybe they don’t like the low impedance for some reason.

As long as the wah/fuzz are bypassed when you use the tuner, I’d say it is probably fine after them. I wouldn’t trust the tuner much if they were enabled.

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Hi Koutsos, @angelakis
I have one and I once read that it worked the best at the front, but I don’t have a wah pedal.

This is what I found …

Can I put tuner after wah?
The only pedal which should ALWAYS go before the wah pedal is a tuner pedal
This is because tuner pedals require the cleanest signal for the most accurate results. For this reason, tuner pedals go at the start of the signal chain before every other pedal including wah, overdrive, compression, EQ, reverb etc.

Greetings ,Rogier

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Thanks guys to all of you! :pray:

The TC3 can be switched to True Bypass instead of a buffer if you wish.

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Yes, i know. And this is another great great function on this pedal :smiley:

I have a Polytune TC3 mini. I tried it placed before a fuzz face type pedals with buffer disabled and enabled:

  • buffer disabled: I can clean up the fuzz nicely by reducing the volume on the guitar.
  • buffer enabled: The tone is harsher. The clean-up of the fuzz is not working well.

So when using TC3 mini with a fuzz face type pedal, I’d either disable the buffer or put it after the fuzz face type pedal.

Thanks for your help. It’s the answer to my “problem”. :smiley:

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