Porch by Pearl Jam

Hey All, finally found some time to finish off recording I’ve done few weeks ago! Took quite a few attempts, but really had a blast while playing it (as you can probably tell from my bobbing head :rofl: ). Few things I could improve in my playing obviously, but I think I am happy with the overall outcome. Well, maybe I could have fiddled a bit more with FX, but due to limited time on my hands I just went with my last preset and I have only adjusted some minor things such as no feedback or different EQ settings. Anyway, short and sweet this time, here you go! All comments welcome - the good, the bad and the ugly (after all explicit word in first verse so how can I say no to ugly?!) :smiley:


Hey Ade, we’ve missed you… but that was worth the wait :grinning:
I’m unfamiliar with the song and you’re playing a good many levels higher than I’m comfortable commenting on, so I’ll just give the emoticons :fire: :metal: :imp: :metal: :guitar: :eight_pointed_black_star:
i presume that’s a commercial backing track? Sounds great, except for the vocals. I found it a little distracting the way they were panned so far to one side. (That wasn’t actually you singing, was it? If it was you smashed it out of the park)
As I said, good to have you back setting the house on fire :sunglasses:

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Super stuff Adi… good to see you posting again… way beyond my play grade to give you any critique… so just lots of kudos from me mate and hope there is more to come now you’ve found some guitar time.

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Nice! I love that song. You did it justice.

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Brilliant stuff Adrian. I am not experienced enough to provide any meaningful feedback so I will just say it sounded really cool :sunglasses:

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Hey Adrian, that was great. I know how hard this song is! :scream:

Those fast blues licks are so tough and you nailed them. The rhythm parts are so fast.

It’s great you put it all together and shared.

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Great to have you back for a bit Adrian, comments and sharing some playing.

I simply sit back and enjoy watching you in action, some super impressive work with both left and right hands and as always a tone to enjoy.

I especially enjoyed the vibrato, the right hand muting, and sustain.

I’d have enjoyed it more if the guitar was mixed up higher, vocal much more background. I guess the mix may have been quite faithful to the original. For me personally when people share playing over an original BT I like the BT to be more for context and emphasis on the guitar, rather than a replacing the guitar in a just-like-the-original mix. But that is just me.

Nothing ugly, though I missed the beautiful green of your guitar :grin:


Hi Adrian,
WOW … Wow what a really great guitar playing :sunglasses: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :sunglasses:… and I would love to listen to this again without the screaming of those vocals :flushed:, that was really an annoying hassle in the foreground and caused way too much distraction, what the amazing great guitar you have played brought the total down way to much… in my opinion :grimacing: …(I hope this is just in the ears of a few person,because there are enthusiasts for everything and every style :smile:…on the other hand it doesn’t detract from your qualities as a player so keep it this way if you cool with it of course …

I had a t-shirt “if it`s too loud you’re too old” :see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


Great to see you back Adi ! Far to much going on there for me to comments and above my critique grade, so I just sat back and listened…a bit like this.


All I can say is



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Really super play there Adi. Great drive and energy throughout your performance. Well done my friend. Top notch.

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Hi Adi,

Awesome energy.
Loving the tones.
That lead tone is epic.
Excellent performance.


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Nicely done Adi, but there’s nobody who can replace Eddie Vedder - he’s a one off!


There’s no end to FX fiddling :rofl:
That was some amazing playing and great tones to match :clap: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :metal:

I was wondering what happened to Eddie Vedder’s voice in that one since I’m not familiar with this particular song. Thanks for setting my worry at ease, that my favorite singer lost his voice :rofl:

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Dear All,

Many thanks for all your comments! It is as usual very much appreciated and really great to hear playing was close to the original. I am aware of two medium sized errors after listening and playing to the song gazillion times, but glad they are not painfully obvious to a listener unaware of them.

I am glad I held up with comments as I did a little social experiment here, which I am thankful for as it gave me honest and uncensored feedback, something we should be more willing to do around here :grinning: I’ll make some quotes and it will become obvious what I meant by that without any more words :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:







Haha, interesting bluff, my high-rolling poker friend :laughing:
Your social experiment reinforces what I have always believed:
That almost all the music we share here is great because we know the people, are genuinely interested in their progress, and want to cheer them on :grinning:
In the real world of commercial music consumption, our critical sorting hats can be ruthless :open_mouth:
You still smashed it out of the park :sunglasses:


:metal: :metal: :metal: :metal: :metal:

Yeah Adi, that was awesome, tone on the solo (not to mention the playing itslef!) was really cool and it absolutely looked like you had a blast playing it. Awesome share to come back with!

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Wow!! :raised_hands:t2:
Impressive as always Adi… you sure raise the bar on every recording you do…
dont even want to comment on youre playing, its well above my «paygrade» :rofl:
But i think youre style and sound is pretty close to the original. Extremly well done Adi!!

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Great stuff, Adi! :clap: :metal:

It’s good to see/hear you back here - always a pleasure to listen to you playing. You really rock, sir! :sunglasses:

Tone and playing on point as usual, you’re really raising the bar every time.

Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

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Okay folks, I think some of you still don’t realise that Ade is singing as well as playing :open_mouth:
It may not be Eddie’s voice but he does put his heart (and lungs) into it giving it some ‘wellie’ in all the right places.
Give the dude his due kudos! :sunglasses:
(or helpful critique :wink:)


The only thing I have to say is that was great Adi! Really cool chord progressions in there, and lead sounds mighty fine, you’ve got some good skills happening.