Positive Finger Placement

It’s also a matter of experimentation. You need to finger a D chord, say, and pluck one string at a time. If one or more strings are muted, you have to slightly adjust the position of your fingers, your hand, your wrist, perhaps your guitar neck, basically anything and everything, to see if you can get all strings sounding clean. Often only a very small adjustment is necessary.

A couple of other things: the fingertips (the distal phalanx, the last segment of your finger) should be perpendicular to the fretboard, very perpendicular. You have to cut your fingernails on the fretting hand short in order to achieve this.

Once you find the position that works, then you should start working on changes to and from that chord (not before).

Good luck!

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Great tip. I will certainly follow your advice. Cheers