Positive Finger Placement

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Hi Sir , Thanks for your nice Explanation, I do have difficulties with my index finger positioning in fret.
This is how I understand that the index finger should be placed correctly. On its own it’s easier but as I place the other fingers on the next frets it is almost impossible for me

Hello @krishanpal67 welcome to the Community.

Your fingers will find ways of working together with small adjustments depending on the chords. Stick with it.

Cheers :smiley:
| Richard_close2u | JustinGuitar Official Guide & Moderator

Interesting thing with this guitar learning. Things that seem impossible, like finger placement, fast enough cord changes, barre cords, strumming patterns, picking the right string and on and on, all slowly become normal and natural over time. It just takes practice.
Keep seeing the little things that progress, to remain encouraged!


HI, I am new here. I find I can’t get my 2nd and 3rd fingers placed properly on the D chord. That 2nd finger is slightly fatter than the rest and I find sometimes my 3rd finger touches and mutes the 6th string. The A chord is no problem, but the D is. Will keep practicing but any tips would be welcome! thanks very much

It’s the most common problem people have with a D but a few days of Chord Perfect practice and you’ll have it nailed. In a week this will be your strongest chord.

The keyword is practice! @Jamolay said it best; these things slowly get better and better over time. I had a lot of trouble with that as well, but as my fingers toughened up and practice wore in, it’s now pretty natural (I started back at the beginning of last October).

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And then we find new things we can’t yet do! Sigh…

Thanks for the heads up.
I will raise this with the JustinGuitar team.
Cheers :smiley:
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