Positive grid spark amp

Has anyone recorded using a positive grid spark amp, with Mac and GarageBand ?
Do you have any tips or advice for someone who has no knowledge on how to use theses systems ?
All comments and advice for a complete novice on this subject will be very welcome.
Many thanks
John :blush:

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I do not have a Mac but I do record with my Spark; so I will leave that for others, but recording with it over USB is extremely easy. Spark is a great little amp.

There’s nothing really special about connecting/using a spark amp with a mac and Garageband. Connect the USB cable from the amp to your mac, launch Garageband and record. There are a ton of tutorials on youtube if any of this sounds complicated. Trust me when I tell you it is far easier than hooking up to a Windows box.

I use a bottom of the line mac air and do all kinds of recording with it. If your mac doesn’t have a regular USB port pick up a USB C hub adapter. Here’s what I use:

That’s great .I look forward to giving it a go. Thanks :+1:

Thanks good information, lots to look forward to :blush::+1: