Positive Grid - Spark and how to complement JustinGuitar


I am still a newbie and just started to lear how to play guitar for the 1st time.
I am seeking advice and suggestions on how to complement the Justinguitar app/training with a Positive Grid - Spark 40?

BTW, I know that I had no business purchasing a Spark since I am a beginner and I am just starting to play my 1st chords, strumming, etc. However, I am having fun with it and it helps me practice more often. Like a kid with a new pair shoes, I always felt that I could run faster :slight_smile:

Thank you,

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You can connect to the Spark 40 from your phone via bluetooth when you have the JustinGuitar app running so that the amp will output both the app’s audio and your plugged in guitar together.

The amp has a separate little volume control for external audio, so you can adjust it accordingly.
The only issue you might have is with lag, which can be noticeable for bluetooth devices.

Once you’re connected you can switch to whatever tone suits the song: clean, distorted, etc.
I think it’s absolutely fine having a Spark 40 as a beginner.
You’ve got an electric guitar and it’s great being able to explore the sort of sounds you can make.

Spark 40 is a nice versatile practice amp something to be said about dialing in the right sound for what you are working on.

Hi Miguel,

I used a Spark40 my first year and a half of learning. I enjoy fiddling with the features and I think it helped me to learn how the elements of a signal chain went together.

@glennzo has the bulk of the setup written above. I simply made a Bluetooth connection from my tablet to the Spark40, then all audio played using the JG app went thru the Spark.

You will need to balance the volume controls, you have a small knob near the headphone jack that will be part of the volume control for the Bluetooth. You want to set the volume as well on the mobile device. Balance these two to a comfortable level.

The other volume control is physically near by, the right-most large knob. this one is the volume for the guitar signal chain. I am pretty sure I remember this being independent of the Bluetooth signal. It can also be controlled via the Spark app.

Set up your guitar chain on the Spark, then switch over to the JG app and you should hear app and guitar.

I found myself creating a couple presets I liked on the amp, then never touching it except to turn it on and off. I’d just use the Spark app to switch between my presets when I wanted.

You can later play backing tracks or songs the same way thru the amp from whatever source you have access to on your mobile device.

Have fun!

On the contrary, I think amps like the Spark and other, similar, amps (Katana Air, Vox Adio, Blackstar BEAM, Yamaha THR, etc.) are great beginners amps.

They are small, relatively inexpensive, good for home use, and being able to stream to them over Bluetooth so you can use them with YouTube, Spotify, or apps like Justin’s make them great practice tools.

So, if it’s inspiring you to play, then you have every business purchasing one.




Yep, well said. You don’t need to make any excuses just because you are a beginner.

One trap to avoid is thinking that a new guitar will make you a better player. Unless of course your current guitar is badly set up or wrong for you for other reasons.

Though it may inspire you to pick it up more often, practice more often leading to you becoming a better playa :wink:


Darn it, no wonder I’m still not shredding! :wink:

I agree though. On the one hand a new guitar (or accessory) will invigorate you and get you playing more. On the other, don’t get carried away and make sure you put the time in to get better.