Power chord question

I have trouble muting with my first finger,doesn’t seem to want to lay flat.Is this common and any advice guys.Thanks you guys are great.

Which muting are you struggling with Ed, the 6th string of a 5th string root power chord or the top 2/3 strings using the barre?

Think you’re find it a normal thing as your fingers find there way and the strength.
Learning the barre chords of E major and A minor I think helped me get power chord better. Some say learn on the 5th fret as it easier but F a good note

Good question, Eddie. I just dipped into Power Chords, always thought that they would be much easier to play than others. Hm…, not true :joy:. I hadn’t any issues to play the F chord, so didn’t expect difficulties with the power chords…The Root 5 shapes are easier to play for me, mainly the Root 6 shapes ar harder for me to play. “Mute strings with the fleshy part of your finger” doesn’t work well, I’m always pessing down at least the e string instead of muting. Eight out of ten sound like I was strangling a cat :joy:. But if I get one right, I’m happy like a little child. On top I find them pretty strenous for the wrist. I’ll follow your thread, maybe someone out there who has good advice…

Try adjusting the position of your index finger tip, so it mutes the E string and allows the A string to ring out cleanly. It does not have to be flat for power chords (save that for barre chords and another lesson). But you need to raise your finger slightly to mute the string above. So you will not be playing on the tips as you have been used to, Its micro adjustments, so experiment and when you find the right position put it into practice.



Some good advice already given here. I’ll emphasise Toby’s point that it’s micro adjustments, it’s a really fine line, especially on electric between muting and fretting. I too found high E to be the consistent string that rang. I end up having a slight curve in my index finger to achieve the right kind of pressure.
Power chords are definitely not easy or straightforward so don’t worry, you’re absolutely not on your own there.


Thanks Toby,

Yes, that’s true. Think I’ve to experiment more :cowboy_hat_face: As always: persistance and good practice will lead to success.

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Thank you Marc, that’s exactely what I wanted to hear :joy: Thanks for your advice, will give it a try.

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