Power outage

Power out this morning. My 12 yo daughter freaking out because she can’t get on a computer. Me…my acoustic guitars don’t need electricity!:joy:


Acoustics Rock :metal:
Good life lesson for your daughter. With everyone using more electricity and more electric cars on the road it’s going to become a regular thing. So she may as well get used to it.

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Actually, if planned right, EVs with V2G could become a big part of the buffer that makes transitioning to sustainable energy achievable.




Well, let her talk to our moderator David,…they already deal with that every day where he lives :woozy_face:

That’s the only problem with the plan. Anything Big business and Government get involved with is never planned right. Talking politics is frowned on so I’ll leave it at that.


What is ironic is that we have enough solar to be off grid and are all electric. We don’t (yet) have a battery, and are required to connect to the grid, so power still goes out.
We really need batteries, but enough battery to actually be completely (effectively) off grid costs a lot, like $50k-$90k a lot. Hard to argue it is worth it for a few half days a year of power outages.

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Yeah our new house will have solar and battery whenever we move.

We had a 6 week period with no electricity post earthquake and if we’d been self sufficient it would have been great.

My previous EV would have done V2G/L but not my current one.

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I wonder if our EV would do it. We aren’t wired for it. Our main issue is that we have a sealed house, so all ventilation is by ERV (energy recovery ventilation) and requires power. Of course, we can always open a window before the CO2 builds up…

We live in urban Denver, it is unlikely to have to power out more than a day. Theoretically possible, but haven’t seen anything like that in the 30+ years I have been here, so not really worth the cost.

If it has Chademo then yes, otherwise unlikely unless it has a V2L adapter but those are usually low power

Good thing you don’t live in California. Bill Maher the host of Real Time with Bill Maher waited 1131 days to get his solar panels connected so he could use them because of all the red tape and backlog in California.
In Florida people living under HOA’s had to get state law changed so they could put up solar panels on their own property.

You don’t need enough battery power to be completely off grid just back up power for when the power goes out and a grid disconnect to switch you panel to battery charge mode instead of sending the power to the grid.

We had a long wait for the utilities get their act together here as well, but not 2.5 years!
Honestly, all south facing roofs should have solar on them. We could stop the burning of fossil fuels all together.

I may just get a couple of small battery backups for the ventilation, for a few hundred dollars we could keep that going for a few hours of outage.

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I’ve been saying that as well Joshua. I don’t understand why it’s not put into law. Then we can stop putting them in the fields and leave the fields for other stuff, like nature.

Oh, that heartless, lol

This is something I’ve been looking into

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Thanks for that Rick, it was a really interesting watch. It’s amazing to see the different things that are being worked on and that one seemed like a really good idea.

I think the thing that will doom us all in the end is humankind.