Practical Music Theory eBook

Hi All - just wondering what version the latest PMT eBook is up to ? i have version 3.2 from about 2 years back …is this the latest version ?

thanks in advance

Hi @veloau

DO you have a subscription to the online theory course?

The e-book is a free download as part of that subscription.
They are no longer being updated, all is on the website now.

In the FAQ Justin has written:

My two old eBooks are included
Both my classic ebooks Practical Music Theory and Chord Construction Guide are included in your subscription and you can download them both (they used to sell for over $27!) at the start of Grade 3! This new improved website version is way better, but the ebooks have been very popular for over 15 years and are not less effective, just superseded! :slight_smile:


Hi Richard - thanks for getting back to me -

I dont have a current subscription - I did have, about 2 years ago to get purchase these 2 x eBooks - the ones i have are version 3.2 …was more wondering if they had been updated at all since then …and I would re-subscribe if there was an update etc - seems like they have not - all good - thanks again

No worries - what is being updated is the online theory course. That is where Justin is putting in time and effort.

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