Practice Assistant feature request

One for the website team - would be great if the practice assistant supported more than one current routine, so we could select which one we’re doing.

E.g. some days I’m focusing on techniques, some days I’m doing transcribing. Can’t really do that with the current practice assistant, it only supports having one active routine.

Just a thought that might make it more flexible.



Hey JK… I’ve got several practice routines set up on the practice assistant and just choose which one is active before practising. It would be good if you could copy routines to make an alternative routine with a couple of changes instead of having to start from scratch.


Yeah that’s another good point, copying routines. I’ve taken to editing my current routine frequently which is a PITA.

I know you can make other ones active, it’s fiddly though. Would be easier to have 2 or 3 active routines depending if I’m doing technique practice, transcribing, etc.


I tend to have one mega routine, and I run through it in technique path or song path or electric path etc.

3 feature requests for practice assistant

  1. So I like that there are routines you can add from the lessons. And I like that I can archive items I feel like I don’t need to focus on for now. But I wonder if when you archive an item it can stay in the routine it was originally added to. My use case is this: Lets say I go through Grade 1 Module 1 and add Module 1 routine. Let’s say I master all the Module 1 routine’s and archive the items. Then I get a new guitar and want to run through the old routines again… I go to Module 1 routine and it is empty. Would be cool if archive just greyed them out visually and delete deleted? Now I have to delete module 1… go find it again and re-add it. Anyone else have suggestions or run into empty routines after archiving an item?

  2. Since I save stats of my last quick chord changes for a given routine… it would be nice if it was displayed so I could try to beat my last record and double points if I could see my progress chart when I complete a quick chord changes item.

  3. It would also be nice to see chord charts for chords I am practicing or if I can attach images in notes. That would also solve my need to see riffs I transcribed to practice and chords to work on.

After using the tool more I have some further thoughts…

Re 1. I still like the idea that there is something before delete. So if I may use it again, ie if I haven’t played in a while and want to review… archive is good. My solution, which seems logical, is I have pulled all items out of the Beginner 1-14 module routines and now have a routine for chords, strumming, songs, techniques, chord changes, etc. It’s a bit of work but seems cleaner to build off grade 1 and 2 after taking those courses. I did see that I removed a couple chord changes to archives and when I restored them they went back to the last routine I added them to. So not sure if a change was made on the site but thumbs up. I don’t see myself using archive now. I think I will likely just change the title to denote that I don’t need to work on those anymore so that my items stay organized in the corresponding routines.

  1. I will likely use the title to also save my last top stat for a given item. Not the best idea but it works. There’s not any other way to easily see what the worst chord change I need to work on right now.

  2. I still like the idea of images in notes so I can add those to chords that are missing videos. I suppose a link to a graphic on the web would work for now.

New suggestions:
5. The item list gets unwieldy… Would be nice to be able to sort by stats or add labels/category/tag to items to filter them even just a filter by routine so you can see what is not part of a routine currently.

  1. Would be cool to share practice routines with others also if there is a way to do that.

  2. Nit pick but clicking add note feels cumbersome. The line under NOTES always makes me feel like I should just be able to click on it add start typing and I have to stop and add note then start typing. More of a UI thing that the underline makes it look like an entry field but that would actually be preferred.

That’s all for now. Thanks devs!