Practice Assistant feature request

One for the website team - would be great if the practice assistant supported more than one current routine, so we could select which one we’re doing.

E.g. some days I’m focusing on techniques, some days I’m doing transcribing. Can’t really do that with the current practice assistant, it only supports having one active routine.

Just a thought that might make it more flexible.


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Hey JK… I’ve got several practice routines set up on the practice assistant and just choose which one is active before practising. It would be good if you could copy routines to make an alternative routine with a couple of changes instead of having to start from scratch.


Yeah that’s another good point, copying routines. I’ve taken to editing my current routine frequently which is a PITA.

I know you can make other ones active, it’s fiddly though. Would be easier to have 2 or 3 active routines depending if I’m doing technique practice, transcribing, etc.


I tend to have one mega routine, and I run through it in technique path or song path or electric path etc.