Practice assistant - lost all stats this morning

Hello, Can’t see my stats from previous practice sessions when I logged in to practice today. all wiped out. I was doing module 3 routine till yesterday, now it’s showing module 2 as my latest practice routine. Anyone face similar issue?

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There was essential site maintenance today. Can you check again now please.

yes, I’ve lost everything in the my Songbook as well as a lot of things that had been completed in my Journey section.

I have alerted the team to ask if there may be a link to the maintenance.

Same here. Lost all of my favorite songs and lesson stats…

same here, practice routine has reverted to the previous edit. everything else (favourites, journey, songbook ) is ok. I did have trouble logging in, had to type my password in manually instead of letting google fill it in for me.

Mine also reverted to an old routine and wiped all my stats. The new routine I’ve been using for a week or so has disappeared, along with a bunch of new practice items I made for it.

My mistake, my journey section has forgotten the inroads I’ve made into module 17

Likewise, looks like the data’s been rolled back by several weeks - all stats and my last two routines are gone. Fingers crossed they can restore from a backup!

Same here. My 2 practice routines were edited about 2-3 weeks ago, but those edits are gone. The routines appear to have reverted to something 4+ weeks old. :slightly_frowning_face: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I can’t even get to mine

I’ve just posted somewhere else, the same issue.

Hi, I’ve just gone in to doing my regular Practice session on the website and have found the last week and a half’s practice routines have disappeared. Is this due to the website maintenance or something else. Is there a back up from which I can get this restored please. It’s not the end of the world if it’s lost.

many thanks


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Thank you all for reporting your issues, and apologies for the inconvenience.
Laryne is looking in to it.

Mine are still missing Richard.

@Richard_close2u It seems everything on the website after March 3rd is missing.
The last entries on the What’s new on Justinguitar are March 2nd for Lessons March 3rd for songs and Feb 2 for Playground.
Since March 3rd there has been 3 song added Heart shaped Box, Someone you love and
I Guess I Just Feel Like. Maybe they haven’t finished with the maintenance yet.

Web Dev and the tech side are wholly not in my area.
All I can do is flag up conerns.
That said, here is a post on social media from Justin.

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still missing

I get a banner saying site is under going maintenance, and my lesson progress is set back a couple modules.

Welcome, @vinodguitar !

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