Practice items roulette or randomizer

It would be great to have some sort of randomizer for practice items. When you finish a module and move on to the next lesson if you want to go back to practice something you need to find the lesson and the practice items. On the main website you can create your own practice routines or use the module routines.
What I am talking about is having something you put in say 10-40 items and you hit a button and it picks what you will practice. Could be something basic or advanced, just depends on what you put into the randomizer.
Right now I have a jar full of pieces of paper that I reach in and grab what I am going to practice. Keeps me sharp on the practice modules I have finished and some of the beginner things I learned.
Just a thought


Hi Jeff @rinkrat, welcome to the community! I like this idea. For me, it would be a great thing to do maybe once a week in place of my current structured routine to keep various techniques and songs fresh. And it would be fun! I thought there was a dedicated place on the website or in the community to make suggestions like this, but I can’t find it. Maybe someone else knows. In the meantime, I’ll tag @larynejg Laryne from the Justin Guitar team.

If you have a minute, maybe head over here and introduce yourself!
EDIT - Haha, you already did that while I was typing this. :smiling_face:

Justin has an idea:


Yep. That’s what I’m talking about. Same idea but something on the site and app.
But where do I get the Vegemitte jar? :laughing:

Better to practice what you don’t know. Randomizing songs to play sounds like a winning idea.

What a fun way to decide what to practice! (and faster, if you’re indecisive like me… :laughing:)

Good to hear Justin still has his Vegemite :joy:

You can create a practice routine in which you put all items you want, then use a random number generator to choose the one you will be working on.