Practice Routines

Hi! I don’t understand why you can’t choose several practice routines as your active routines? If I do them one at a time I continually have to swap them out and I find that confusing. The other thing I noticed was that I tried to request the song “ Runaway Train” by Soul Asylum in the song requests but I accidentally spelled Soul as “Soil” and I can’t fix it.

If someone can help with these two issues I would appreciate it! :smile:

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Hi, Suzanne

I can’t talk for the developer team but as a workaround, you could just merge the 2 routines in one. Routines doesn’t need to be done completely. And you can do half and reset the following day or 2 half each day.

@Rumil ok! I will try messing around with it some more.

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Hello David @DavidP … I never know if it’s better to revive an old thread or if I should start a new one.
I was also wondering about having multiple active practice routines on the website. I know there are some people who split there practice for morning and evening. Or practice different things on different days to brake up the monotony. Can this be passed on to the developers.


Yeah, I’m with @suzieq. I’d really prefer to have multiple routines accessible at once.

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Yep, my workaround isn’t ideal :sweat_smile: