Practice Section of Website: Suggestion/Feedback

Sorry if this is the wrong place if it is maybe a mod could move it (thanks).

First off thanks to Justin for his fantastic site it is helping me tremendously.

Onto business:
Working in the practice section I find it very useful and I love having some structure when I practice and there are days/times when that it is invaluable. Personally I have noticed though that there are also times I am working on something and want change gear and it messes with the practice session and accurate logging of what I am actually doing. (without creating a brand new routine)
Could you implement a change where you can have a variable item that you select ad hoc? So say I have a practice and there is a routine I call Open that I can use it for practicing whatever I want and still log the time and the stats? reason being, I may not feel like working on a set routine and if I can choose a shell of a routine and then choose an item of Song X (or anything) this would be fantastic. this may involve having a drop down listbox to select the action at time of completion of an action item. This change would then accurately catch all Im doing and log it accurately. Thanks!

Agree with this totally. A bit of flexibility in the practise schedule would be great. Iā€™d like to have 3 schedules on the go as i have separate schedules for each of my three boys. Also agree with msdt that sometimes i want to go off piste. At the mo i have a notebook for recording what i do as well as JGā€™s practice schedule. (Just realised i have a guitar gender imbalance, must get a girl guitar!)