Practice Sessions. Not Automatic, No Checkmarks?

Having issues with practice sessions modules (all) on the iPad Pro M1 IOS 15.6 and iPhone 11 IOS 15.6. JG 3.2.3 Release. (many before had same issues)

When practicing in a module the first practice comes up fine then, when finished does it automatically jump to the next practice and so on automatically the you finish it?

I also see that more than enough times it does not and also never leaves a checkmark showing that the one you just practice has been completed.

If I uninstall the JG app and then reinstall it it does work automatically and with checkmarks.

In say Practice sessions, module 5.

Finger stretching will automatically move to C Cord, then Cord Perfect, Most Difficult, it will hang there and you have to manually select the next which would be Am to C, from then on it goes back to automatically till the end, when finished you have video of Justin’s congrats.

This is repeatable and consistent, again if you uninstall and reinstall it works this way every time, if you simply just say the next practice day practice again you find that it will not automatically move or any checkmarks, no Justin congrats when your done. Thought when you click back you see “Your Practice Sessions for Today” will show you finished it and a checkmark.

Question is are others seething this same issue? Is this normal? Is it the hardware?

Is the app setup to be automatic to next in practice sessions or designed to be manually selected? Kinda interferes with the rhythm of practice.

Any thoughts?

Thank you for your time.

Hello @Markarts and welcome to the community.
Thanks for purchasing an app subscription, I’m sorry that you are having issues.
Can you please contact @MusopiaApps (the app developer) about this issue.

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Don’t come here often, but ya, I posted this a while back. They didn’t have instructions to post it on the developer forum at that time. Trying to figure out what this sub forum is for if you have to go to the other forum to actually report a bug.

Just FYI, but if you click on the box/hyperlink in the sub app forum that says report bugs on the Upvotey forum it brings you here and not to the forum in the link posted in this About Reporting a Bug thread.

Contacted the developer many times, left comments, reported bugs and SO MANY updates have passed and NO fix to date of these issue with the app. You are NOT alone. Developer does not care to fix the issue to date?

Its a shame when you purchase the app, you never get the video at the end of practice and see Justin. Also really breaks the flow of the practice sessions having to “manually” click each item to continue each time to the next.

Maybe its just a handful of people having this issue?

Same. And is this why I can never ‘reset’ the session? every time I try to launch practice, it says some are finished and some aren’t. And if I replay just the first part of the practice session at the end it sometimes shows the video ‘you’re finished!’ and doesn’t go to the rest.
It’s so confusing I’ve given up trying to use the practice portion of the app