Practice Tab missing in the lessons

When the Practice Assistant first launched, each lesson had a practice tab where you could add it to your Practice Assistant Item List or Routine. It seems that Practice tab is missing in the lessons now. This was a nice, convenient way to add a lesson to your Practice Assistant vs manually adding the item and having to copy/paste the lesson link into the practice item. Justin’s Practice Assistant tutorial still references the Practice tab being available in each lesson. Has the process changed for adding a lesson to the Practice Assistant? Thanks in advance for any feedback.


Which module are you looking at?

I’m currently in Module 8. It looks like the only lessons that have the Practice tab now are the Module Practice Lessons at the end of each module. Pretty sure every lesson in a module used to have a practice tab that allowed you to add the ones you wanted to your Practice Assistant. looks like maybe that’s changed now to only have the Practice tab only in the Module Practice Lessons at the end of each module?

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