Practice Tabs in modules missing?

I want to start using the Practice Assistant. So I’m looking for a way to add practice items from various lessons. The introductory video for the Practice Assistant indicates there should be a way to add a practice item from a lesson but it seems to be missing. Maybe it’s under development??? I’ve also read comments in the Community saying that there should be a practice tab for each module but I don’t see that tab anywhere. Any guidance would be appreciated!

click on the practice tab on the left in your dashboard….hundreds of items you can load into your routine. last lesson in each mod has practice tab entry also

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If you want to add a song lesson to your practice routine, select Add to practice items. Once done, the button will indicate it is added.

For regular lessons (at least in Grades 1 and 2), go to the lesson called Module X Practice Routine. You’ll see a Practice tab. You can save all the items for that module from the bottom of the Practice page. If you don’t want them all, I think you would simply archive or delete them in the practice assistant.

Edited to add: In Grade 3, it seems there are no “addable” practice routines. Looks like you’ll have to create the practice items yourself. :slightly_smiling_face:

If this doesn’t cover your use case, please let us know specifically which item you are trying to save.

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Thanks so much @judi and @LesPaulMoreRay. I was looking for practice items/routines for modules in grade 4 and I guess it will just take some time for them to be added - totally understandable.

BTW I did find at least one practice routine for grade 3.

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At the very end of Grade 3, the end of the Beginner course, Justin states this:

There is scope to add notes and items regarding practice in Grades 4 and up but the onus is much less on Justin and much more on each individual. There may be additions along the way as Justin continues to refine and improve the grade 4-6 content. In the meantime, see what you can devise yourself.

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