Practice Timer Oddness, slower than real time?

Not a major problem this but I noticed it today. On my practice schedule I have various timers running for different thing (ie. 10 minutes of warm ups/scales/finger gym) with a final 30min or 1 hour messing around, playing stuff learning riffs etc fun bit.
The shorter skill based timers work fine because I keep that page open in front of me while practice.
The longer “fun” timer at the end of my practice is working at its own pace (which I kinda like to be honest) because (I think) I open new tabs to look up songs or chords or riffs or to kick off a backing track, whilst these pages are open it slows the timer. Tonight I started the timer at 10.55pm for 30 mins and now, 54 minutes later only 19mins has passed according to the timer.
As I say its not a problem as I always go over the 30mins (or the hour really) but it is odd.

I’ve seen this too. Yesterday timed a ten minute session but after 10 minutes were up, the timer still showed just under 5 minutes remaining.

As far as I can see it always keeps time when the window is active and visible, but it goes slow when I open another window, e.g. Spotify, and the timer is hidden, or the browser not the active window.

I do find this a bit of a problem as it’s not really doing the job that it’s meant to do.

I had the same problem when I was switching away from the website to the App on my iPad.

I found it annoying, and that’s one of the reasons I stopped using the Practice Assistant.