Practice Without An Instrument

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I’m currently on G2M8 (Wonderwall) and also Theory Grade 3.1. And on 2 week beach holiday with no guitar.
So, on the sun lounger, I am doing theory 3.1 one lesson every other day. As practice I am doing the worksheets but had to make these up by hand with pen and paper. I am practcing my one string string scales on my paper fretboard. Also, work on Wonderwall strumming pattern with *just fingers". Getting some strange looks. A wee Jack Daniels and Coke as my jam buddy and i can sit in hotel bar doing my homework late afternoon (after sun but before dining}.

Who needs a travel guitar?? (Although i did look at the tourist toy 6string ukes they had and i would have bought one if my sausage sized fingers had fitted). Also Justin’s Fretboard Trainer app ('Guitar Note Trainer"). All this on my phone.
I’ll see if i can add pictures of my homework tools

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Feel free to download and use my paper fretboard replacement DRM free, lol

Keep up the good work
Did you know Justin has blank chord sheets, neck diagrams, tabs etc you can down load and print off the web site.
the hotel should have a computer and printer you can use.

You could always take a trip to a music store and get some playing in or buy a cheap guitar at a pawn shop

Hi stitch.

Yeah thanks. I managed to sweet talk someone into printing some blank worksheets but i had already done a couple myself and wanted to help inspire others with suggestions eg say you were on a bus journey, you could still do something. I also thought my hand drawn samples looked rather funny and child like for a 61 year old professional who should be able to write and draw better than that

I like the way you’re thinking re pawn shop etc, not sure my wife and family would agree if i disappear to go shopping

Any other ideas from anyone would be great. Anyone got ideas on how to keep my finger tips hard without a guitar for 2 weeks?