Practicing chord changes while strumming: 2 week mark

This is me at the end of a practice session today. Feel free to critique, but be gentle while you do it. :grin:

Edit: Forgot to mention. I practice with and without a pick, but for various reasons I suspect my main playing style will be without one. I’m using the nails on my thumb and second finger to strum.


Hey Scott, I’m assuming you posted a video like this because you’re after tips.

I was going to mention using a pick - then saw your edit. I’d really encourage you to use a pick. For most beginners a pick feels foreign, and hands feel easier. A pick is an essential guitarists tool and allows for a very different sound than fingers, so stick with it. Do both.

My main feedback would be on the strumming arm. Keep it moving like a metronome (exceptions later on for right hand muting etc, that’s not relevant yet). It’s ok to miss a strum now and again if you just keep going right on time.


I am looking for feedback, yes. Thank you for this.

Your changes sound nice and clean to me Scott, so all good there.

Some great advice from @jkahn

Hear, hear!
I went went down the :imp:'s path of least resistance and am paying for my sins :roll_eyes:
Good to learn both

Edit: forgot to say that’s good progress you’re making, Scott.

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Sounds good Scott. Just keep that strumming arm moving like JK said :grin:

Im also with @jkahn and @brianlarsen about the pick… use pick from the start and learn both.
It is very very hard to re learn using a pick later on… speaking of experience :rofl:

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Chord changes sound good to my ears, Scott. :+1:

Basically, the good advice is already up there regards the movement of the strumming arm and the pick use. Here’s another that initially learned without pick and it took a while getting used to it again. :joy:

Good progress in short time - well done and keep it going. :slight_smile: