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Would I be better off continuing with my practise schedule in 5 min slots or devote more time to the areas I’m behind in or a little rusty on.

Should I practice my shuffle for 20 mins per practice session rather than 5 mins per session.

And maybe cut back on scales as I play them a lot, scales are my go to when I pick up a guitar :open_mouth:

I don’t want to miss out on progress but feel I’m spreading myself to thin ATM.

I have Autism and ADHD which mens I need a more ridged practise schedule or I just noodle and don’t make any progression.

I’m specifically bad at palm muting (only recently transitioned to Electric from Acoustic)

Thanks ALL


Every one is different, but I would relegate things you know pretty well to less frequent practices and fill in with things that are harder. Keep to 5-ish minute chunks for any given skill practice, then move to something else, take a short break (or look at a didactic like music theory) then do another 5 min.

20 min of shuffle is less helpful than 4 x 5 min sessions of shuffle over a couple of days.

Hmmm, I should consider taking this advice as well…:man_facepalming:t3:

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Thanks you :D, I know reasonable amount about neuro science and learning over 25.
Big Huberman fan.

I can still do 4x5 but was wondering if I’d benefit more from 4x20 as an example

I’ve put a lot of time into learning the shuffle and seeing very sloy progress, I’ve learnt bar chords and how to use em in the time I’ve still not picked up the shuffle

The one exception I find for learning is when learning a song or a strumming pattern where I find reps to be king.

Thanks again for the advise

You should practice things you don’t know not things you know. Personally I think practicing scales once you know then is a waste of time. You should be learning how to make music within them.

Most people can’t concentrate on one thing for 20 minutes that’s why Justin recommended 5 min. This stop you from getting bored and just noodling. If you feel you’re falling behind in some areas try practicing it in two 5 minute slots but not back to back. Either take a short break or practice other thing in between.


Thank you :smiley:
My obsessive Autistic nature means I need to do a thing until I can do the thing, I know its all just sets and reps I guess.

Really appreciate the advise

The studies on 5 min learning probably weren’t done with people who have autism. So all bets are off.

It still makes sense, though. Maybe consider some self experimentation? Spend a few weeks limiting things to 3-4 x 5 min sub sessions and a few weeks with 15-20 min single sessions and then see which you feel better about?

I am not autistic, but find myself drawn (sucked) into longer segments anyway. I am trying to boost my efficiency by catching myself when I do and switching it up. I hate timers…


Sorry, but you are on your own. Take control of your time and abilities and do your best. It’s what we all have to do. Do you want to play guitar or not? @JustinGuitar gives us a template and we follow it or we don’t. Put your head down and buck up or talk about what it was like when you tried to play guitar the first time.

@CT I am doing it and do play the guitar, all due to Justins books and instructions.

I have 2 very complex disorders that are co-morbid, because of this I ask questions for clarity and support, your post was unhelpful and a little rude.

My question was pretty simple, would it be worth me spending extra time on the things I find more challenging.

I am not a music teacher hence asking the question.

As a coach though I would always tell my students to dial back on their other training and do extra work on the skill they are struggling with. I however do not know if it is the same when it comes to music as sports skills.


Speaking as someone who also has ADHD, I had the same reaction you did.

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Hi A
I have to practice until I get it. Just like you. I do one thing at a time in smal busts until I have it down. I don’t have either of the AS but have brain issues due to Covid. It’s one thing at a time in 3-5 5 minute slots and then move on.
I also love Huberman

Good luck. Hope this helps
Don’t worry about getting behind

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Hello Aaron,

Just a quick general tip that has served me well so far. It may be of help to you.

For basic technique, skill development eg. palm muting, alt picking, bending, new chords, new scale patterns etc, I would put in 5 minutes as the maximum. But it has to be 5 minutes of 100% intense laser focus on that one single skill.
If you feel you need some extra on a particular skill, do another 5 minutes later on in your practise session.
For practice items that combine multiple skills, eg improvising, learning a song/ chord progression etc, extend to 10 minutes max.

Cheers, Shane


+1 from me on Clint’s reply. We all have issues of one sort or another. Identify them and deal with them. Sounds harsh but life is harsh.


Wow, what a lot of uncool replies to someone with mental health issues. I didn’t expect that from this usually supportive community. :slightly_frowning_face:


It’s a little bit of tough love. Follow the course as best as you can, you will get there. Be an inspiration, an overcomer. Here are some inspirational players:

Hi Aaron @AaronAddams,

Following through on your coaching example here. I’m coming from the point of view of a running coach. Absolutely, practice what we don’t know (or need to improve). BUT - if in a given practice session our form starts to fall apart, it’s time to give that thing a rest for the day, and do a cool down. Here’s how I’ve transferred that to guitar: Absolutely do my 5 minute session for each skill in my routine. When I’m done with the routine, I may come back to a specific skill again. But as soon as I notice I’m executing my practice worse than when I started, I put that skill aside for at least a few hours, but usually for the day. Then I practice some basics, either technique or songs. Not only does this improve the benefit of time spent practicing, it helps avoid injury.

If you’re interested in discussing how we might refine this concept further, I’m in! :smiling_face:



Thanks, thats solid advise, I am doing my 5 min segments but have extra time, this is exactly the approach I take to Coaching for technical skills So will apply that and see how I get on.

Really appreciate you taking the time :slight_smile:

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I think maybe you’re missing the point.
I’m doing my practise sessions as suggested but have extra time and was wondering if I should extend my 5 mins on the things I’m behind on eather than just noodling with my extra time

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Awesome, thanks :smiley:

I know the feeling. We are all do different. It’s that which makes us interesting. I’ve come across a guitarist called Ren. Not really my stuff. But search him on you tube. He’s obsessive like we are. He’s done great with it.
Just do it your way or a way that works for you and enjoy what you do.

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I forgot to mention - I struggle with palm muting as well. The technique sounds so simple and obvious, it looks so simple when others do it. I did find it helpful to choose a song to practice that includes some parts with palm muting (but not too many). For me, that’s much more effective and rewarding than practicing the technique in isolation. I’m actually improving and have a fun, challenging song to work on!