Prime minister jam

Check out the incoming prime minister of Singapore wailing to Johnny B. Goode.

He should get together Antony Blinken …

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Mods - please delete this if inappropriate. I find this embarrassing, even if it was the band that selected the song and not Mr. Blinken. It would be nice if people would actually listen to a song’s lyrics before thinking they understand its message. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Hi Judi - I’ve switched it out for another of his videos. Sorry if I offended anyone.

If they read the lyrics, many folks would consider Neil Young’s Rockin’ in the Free World an awesome song with an awesome message. Like me.

I know discussing politics is verboten in this community, but I hope we aren’t censoring music with political content. That would be a shame.

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I don’t know what the music was about or in what context or modified text etc. so I’m just responding to this quoted sentence …

Heavenly no, otherwise we’ll have to quickly start watching BrianL’s music again and that will be a lifelong ban :joy:

And it has often been discussed that music lyrics are assessed very differently than someone posting some sentences in a post. Hey, then we should also take a look at the same Brian :laughing:
I understand the rules 100%, but oh how I often miss talking about politics what about you @brianlarsen ( Edit: because of the song today you deserve this @ :blush: )… Keep having fun all,



Now this looks like a job for me…
Cause we need a little, controversy :innocent:

There’s a good reason we avoid discussing politics & religion and swearing in the community, (although @Wishbone71 claims there was a thread dedicated to all three in the (g)olden days :open_mouth:).
But Mama, that’s where all the fun is…
Our Guru Justin is not averse to sharing songs with political/religious messages or foul language if that is part of the fabric of the song. Our 3 moderate musketeers are more than capable of sorting out transgressions when required, but quite rightly prefer a light touch.
I suppose one could complain about sharing a video of the American Secretary of State singing a political song, but surely not this Neil Young gem?
Like Springsteen’s Born in the USA, Young’s Rockin’ In The Free World is a scathing critique of America, even if some folk presume the meaning lies in an ironic catchy chorus. I would pay good money to watch Blinkin sing the verses with unaltered lyrics, but alas, could only find snippets of the chorus. Sigh.
I hope I haven’t said anything too controversial :thinking:
@roger_holland, if I get my hands slapped, I shall hold you personally responsible :wink:
Here’s Neil Young’s full masterpiece in all it’s glory
Keep on rockin’ in whatever world you live in… :metal: :smiling_imp: :metal:


Paul, please accept my apologies, my comment wasn’t directed at you. It was a general statement that people don’t listen to lyrics. It’s disrespectful to artists. This same thing happens all the time with Born in the USA as well. I’m sure there are many more examples. It wasn’t intended as a political comment!


Was I not clear enough then? just the same with more words and I see it was not intedend so by Judi… but now that we’re talking about this ,Noooooo, I shut my pie hole … :smile:

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Thanks Brian. As I said to Paul, I wasn’t complaining about him posting it, I was making a general comment that it’s disrespectful to the artist to not even listen to the song. I didn’t do a good job of clearly expressing myself. :frowning_face:


absolutely no need for apologies, its all good in the hood :slight_smile:


I bet the prime minister of Singapore didn’t expect he would create such a kerfuffle in the Justin Guitar Community!


@brianlarsen … the old sub forum was titled 'Politics & Religion’s … Swearing kinda followed. Although I do stress that it wasn’t allowed back then … It just so times slipped out. This wasn’t long after that bit of organised unfriendliness between Israel and Lebanon, years back … So tempers frayed a lIttle during discussion.

I do remember telling someone exactly what I thought of them after a particularly unkind comment … And Lieven politely asking me, though he agreed with the sentiment, to edit the naughty bits out. Which, of course, I was happy to; I’d made my point :grin:

It was, however… as previously mentioned… Very distracting from the core purpose of the forums.