Print this out to help with motivation


For me, it probably should be: I want you NOT to practice every day (and to neglect annoying tasks or things that should be done) :rofl:


Check! :grinning:

:joy::rofl::joy::rofl: I think I might print that out to confront her indoors with when she tells me to stop making that bl@@dy racket!!!

Thanks Tony, I’m struggling with practice at the moment, maybe this will help!
It would also work for me if it said “I want you to stop noodling around with the minor pentatonic” :sweat_smile:

A friend gave me a good trick that often helps when I’m procrastinating (which is usually because I’m frustrated with my progress or stuck in learning plateau)

Getting started is the hardest part. Just make a commitment to pick up and tune your guitar, preferably every day.

That’s all. If you still don’t want to practice, put it down again until tomorrow.

But more often than not, you will strum a few chords, maybe part of a song, and you are practicing before you know it.


I like that. Keep the initial commitment small. I had been told you need to play 30 minutes a day, that seemed too hard. When i heard elsewhere, might have even been justin, that 15 minutes is all you need, that was achievable (for me).

I’ve heard some teachers say that at least 3 practices - 20 minutes each - a week is the absolute minimum to make any progress.

Everybody also says that frequent short practice is better than infrequent long practice. Four 15 minute practices a week is better than one 60 minute session a week.

I usually just pick up the guitar sometime between 7 and 8 pm. Next thing you know it 9 pm and I have to use the bathroom.


Any image of Uncle Sam glaring at me with a pointy finger and telling me what to do, is likely to have the opposite effect :laughing:
It’s a good job I don’t really practice per se. Most of my learning comes from trying to play the songs I like. I find it’s a bit like exercise for me: I much prefer to play a game of football/squash/tennis than go to the gym or for a run. Not as effective, but more fun :smiley:

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Yeah, Im a bit like Brian. Anyone pointing the finger at me is likely to to get the middle one back at em.
Having said that, I like to follow Steve Stine’s simple advice…" Pick up the guitar on the days that you eat"…

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