Probably a long shot

Hey there, this is probably a long shot…

I am looking for the guitar picking tab for Stronger Than Me from the Nashville TV Series that was sung by Connie Britton. I have the chords but can’t find the actual tablature anywhere, and not at the level where I can sort it out by ear.

Has anybody come across it anywhere?


I’ve never seen the show so don’t know if this is the right version, but I found a few tabs on Ultimate Guitar that might help.

Stronger Than Me Chords by Nashville Cast, Connie Britton

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Hi @Goffik, thank you very much for looking. I actually have this. I am after the actual tablature to do the picking rather than strumming the chords. This is the original, it’s just lovely…

Try this the guitar is a lot louder and easier to here. Just listen to the opening of the song before the singing starts on repeat. The chords are played as arpeggios. So if you take your time slow down the video speed to 75% you should be able to get it. Just pick out the notes of the chords one at a time.


Is it just me, or is some of that picking pattern similar to Heart Shaped Box, by Nirvana? Not exactly of course, but perhaps similar enough to give you a head start in figuring it out.

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Very similar, it a pretty common chord arpeggio but in Stronger than me there is a strum added


I loved the muson on Nashville.
Great songs, great voices. T-Bone Burnett on music productiin ensured high quality stuff.

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Thank you I will take a look and give it a go.

I am hoping to be able to play some of the songs. I am watching the series again for the sixth time because it’s so good. Wish I had gone to their farewell tour.

Especially like Stronger Than Me and This Town.

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