Problem logging into the website

Hi all, is there anyone else having trouble logging into the website? I’ve recently had the yearly subscription taken out of my account but the website doesn’t recognise my username or password! It’s saying the username may have been deleted! I’m at a loss as what to do to get my account back! Thank you, cheers johnta


Hello John and welcome to the community.
I will try to help and if I can not I will refer you on to Laryne who deals with accounts and more.

First …

What is the subscription for? Perhaps the Lessons & Songs App?

I need to ask because you mention having problems logging into the website but the website is absolutely free, there are no subscription costs to access it.
The App is paid for through either Google Play or the Apple App store. They are separate entities to JustinGuitar and whichever you use (according to the device you have) your account is to access the particular app store where the purchase is made. Yes, it is a JustinGuitar App but you buy it from the digital equivalent of a retail store with whom you have a separate account.

Can you please give a little more information - but do so by replying to my direct message.

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Hi Richard, yes it’s the App for lessons and the songs, I’ve been a member since the start with the app, I have a recurring subscription setup for my account, but I’m trying to log in using the same password and username I normally use, in fact it is stored on my iPad that I use for the guitar lessons, so I’m not sure why I can’t log into my account! Thanks john.

Hey @Richard_close2u I’m tagging you for @Johnta in case you didn’t see his post.

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Hi John.

Thanks for clarifying - and for the subscription.
Your recurring subscription payment will go to JustinGuitar.
I can not help with the account / login details that you have set up to use the App however.
I think for that you need to contact Musopia.

Please feedback to us if you do / do not hear with a few days.


Welcome, @Johnta !

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Hi all, I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it, and I’ve changed the password too, everything seems to be working fine but unfortunately I’ve lost all the records of my progress! Oh well not to worry, at least it’s working again! Thanks everyone, John.

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