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Welcome to the community, Debbie. It’s difficult to recommend any songs for you without knowing your taste in music. You could search Justin’s song lesson by difficulty level via the filters. There are over 100 songs lessons designated suitable for grade 1 learners.


Have you looked at the songs on the website? You can search by chords and grade. There are 95 grade 1 songs. Surely there are 5 you don’t hate so much that you can’t stand to learn them? Also, there are loads of electric songs with just the grade 1 chords, you don’t ‘need’ power chords for electric.

If you still can’t find something to your taste, tell us what kind of music you like. That would make it easier to give some suggestions.

Google is your friend. The only issue being there will be 100s of 1000s to choose from.
Type in something like ‘Simple 4 chord songs’ , and go from there to find ones of your taste.

Cheers, Shane

As @Socio and @LadyOfTheCastle said above, you can find Grade 1 beginner songs in the song lesson section of JG’s website. If you want to see how electric guitar can be used for songs without using power chords, look at the Grade 1 song lessons where Justin uses an electric guitar in the lesson. I made a list, since I am trying to use my electric guitar more:

JG website Grade 1 song lessons where Justin teaches while playing an electric guitar:
Dance The Night Away [Play Along]
Old Time Rock And Roll
Moves Like Jagger
Werewolves of London
Ooh La La
If You Wanna
Use Me
Last Kiss
Watermelon Sugar

If none of those song appeal to you, many of the songs Justin teaches in the Grade 1 song lessons using an acoustic guitar sound great on electric guitar. Just filter the songs by difficulty for grade 1 songs. You can reduce the number of songs by also filtering by song genre. If you select the rock genre, along with difficulty level of grade 1, you are sure to find songs that sound good on electric guitar.

Have a look at Justin’s lesson on Riders on the Storm - Doors then check out the solo on utube , Angela Petrelli does a great version, easy to learn. All based on Em pentatonic and will introduce some easy triads.
Electric guitar, amp with some reverb and tremolo fx sound amazing.

Hi @debbie99 I’ve nothing to add to the advice already given, but I will say welcome to this community, why not fire a post off to introduce yourself?