Problem with my precussion on my looper

Hey guys so heres the video Radioactive Looping Cover - YouTube When i start tapping my guitar it sounds great but when i loop it the sound dims, is there anyway i can fix that? Thanks!!

Experiment with the volume level going into the looper. You may need to mic the guitar. I’m not sure what the cool kids are doing these days with their fancy pants loopers. LOL

Yeah ive tried that and i got the volume knob all the way up on the percussion track, but its still dim :frowning: Maybe i need to try turning the volume up on the amp or something. LOL yeah i know right haha.

A clean boost pedal of some kind would work, or maybe mic the guitar.

I wonder if it your amp is compressing or normalising the signal somehow.

It may be worth plugging headphones into the looper to see if it does the same there, just so you can confirm or eliminate the amplifier being the cause.



I get this when using the Trio BUT that’s because I usually choose to have the Loop volume lower than my guitar input volume. Do you have a separate loop volume knob? When you play/record the initial loop it’ll be at your volume…when you end the loop it’ll start replaying the loop at the volume you’ve got set on the RC30. I don’t know the RC30 but I can see you have two volume? sliders for each track I’d trying bumping one of those up.