Profiling me?

Maybe it’s fatherhood or the chaotic state of things around the world right now, but I’ve been reading (and thinking) a lot about the future lately.

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Computer aided knowledge is so important today in so many ways that, I think, we sometimes loose sight of what we are leaving behind. Having the software to play Brian May rifts in the style of Stevie Ray Vaughan is great but am I learning Music or Computing in doing so? I may be a dinosaur but I still want to feel the strings under my fingers on this one. Besides, I make some good sounds by making mistakes. Something a computer won’t do.

Great discussion point though. Keep thinking

I’m curious…I assume that is an FRFR powered cab sitting under the Kemper. What make and model is it?

Interesting you describe a computer that can analyze and replicate the “musical profiles” of musicians like Stevie Ray Vaughn. While somewhat tangential, there is an anime named “Carole and Tuesday” (quite heart-warming and not a bad watch by any means) which features a music producer named Tao that generates the “perfect music” for a character named Angela with his A.I. technology.

Honestly, I don’t think this idea is far-fetched and will likely take shape here in the next decade, if not two. They already have A.I. creating amazing art from words simply being typed.

However, I would argue that most people, including myself, always want that human element in our music. I always say that true art is catching a glimpse of God and that is done well through that which connects us as human beings. Likely a computer will be able to write music/songs that generate these emotions, but there’ll still be that lack of a soul behind it.