Protest Songs or Topic Songs

I’ve always liked the idea of using songs to deal with social or political issues. I know not many people like the idea, most people want a tune that sounds good, but I want the lyrics to be good as well. Here’s a song I made up for the Kurdish singer Nudem Durak, imprisoned for 19 years (!) for singing in her own language, apparently a deed of terrorism for the Turkish authorities…
As Justin suggests in the songwriting course, stealing or lending might be a good idea sometimes. I’ve lent, or stole, or borrowed the music from Jean Ritchie’s The L&N Don’t Stop Here Anymore
Your thoughts are welcome!


HI John…
Well, you went to school for playing guitar and singing,at least that’s how it sounds :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
very nice … apparently the trick is chopping off my fingertip :see_no_evil::grimacing:… or just practicing for many hours :innocent:
Greetings Rogier

Another excellent performance, every aspect worked well, John

That was a lovely song John sung with emotion. Excellent guitar playing too.
What was the instrument we saw at the beginning and heard during the song?

I love the song and I love the message. Such a tribute writing a song about a fellow musician who stood for something. Wonderful.

Thanks for sharing that. I’m not familiar with kurdish music, reminded me of Irish.

Great mix and song.

That was an Irish bouzouki

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Beautiful song and really well sung and played.

Hey John,
Well done you!
I enjoyed your fingerless Butterfly, but this is special. I love it when folk share originals, especially if it is something meaningful to the songwriter.
Very atmospheric with all the candles as well
Good vibes :sunglasses:

Just lovely, John. A lot for me to aspire to. The character of the vocal. The supporting guitar and the counterpoint accompaniment of the bouzouki. All top notch.
Who doesn’t like a good protest song!

Beautifully interpreted, played and sung John. So very nice :star_struck:

Wow, what a song and performance. Pro level.