Proud Mary by Creedence Clearwater Revival Lesson

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What book is Proud Mary in

Welcome to the Community, Bob.

It is in Beginner Song Book Vol 2.

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is the original in standard tuning?
playing justin’s version is out of tune with original.

John Fogerty tuned down one whole step for his guitar parts. Tom Fogerty’s guitar parts are tuned to standard tuning,

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Where is the strumming pattern for this song?

Hello John, @Mandlebrot
Welcome here and have a lot of fun,
Every now and then the strum pattern is not written out on screen or under the video…in the 11th minute Justin also says that it is in the songbook and if you don’t have it write it down for yourself…If it’s too fast for you you can slow down the video with the icon “settings” at the bottom on the right,
Have fun with it,

Hello, I’m pretty sure it’s DUXU DUXU, where the X on beat 2 and 4 stands for palm mute those beats. Since I’m not able to do the palm mute technique I just drop 2 and 4 , on the guitar, and it works just fine. I’m having so much fun with this at the moment on the uke and on 2 and 4 I just slap the body of the uke :sweat_smile: I love Tina Turner live version :heart_eyes: Hope this helps.

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Hey Silvia. Thanks for your iresponse. I am sure you are correct.

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Great thanks mate

Hi all, Regarding that little guitar lick at the end (13.40) of the video. Justin mentions muting the strings that are not being played. Does anyone have any advice on the best way to do this?

Hey, @MorseMooseGreyGoose, I’m working on this lick myself. At 13:59 in the video, you can see how Justin mutes at the beginning of the riff: his middle finger is laid lightly across strings 1-5 and his thumb is muting string 6.

Later in the lick, when he’s fretting with index and middle fingers, (14:42), he seems to be muting these strings with these fingers:

6 - thumb
5 - tip of middle finger
3 - tip of index finger
1 - either index finger or pinky, I think

I actually have used this lick for my first try at hybrid picking. I pick string 4 with the pick and string 2 with my middle finger. It took a little practice, but in the end I think it’s easier than muting.

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Hi @MorseMooseGreyGoose
I wanted to type exactly what John typed, only I came back here today precisely to learn this lick while muting with my fingers because it is more difficult and that will almost certainly help me with other licks and chords to learn muting strings easier/faster/better…but the hybrid is much easier for me too :grimacing:

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@jjw @roger_holland

Thanks for the replies. So glad I asked. I had a bit of a brain fade and was watching Justin’s video coming up with complex ideas on how he was muting strings but hadnt considered he was just laying his fingers over the five strings. So obvious now!

I think the lick should now be easy to learn. The hardest part for me will be transitioning from the d chord to the lick. Thats my next thing to work on.

This is a great example of why Justin’s song lessons are so good. I came to this song because I wanted to use the backbeat muting technique. Picked that up pretty quickly and now working on something new to add to the song.


What I found tricky was exactly what beat to start the lick on. I had to slow the song down and count along at that transition point repeatedly to get it right.

Does anyone know the strum pattern for the verses and chorus sections of Proud Mary please?
Where can I get a decent backing track for the song in the same key?