Proud Mary by Creedence Clearwater Revival Lesson

Learn to play Proud Mary by Creedence Clearwater Revival on JustinGuitar!

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What book is Proud Mary in

Welcome to the Community, Bob.

It is in Beginner Song Book Vol 2.

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is the original in standard tuning?
playing justin’s version is out of tune with original.

John Fogerty tuned down one whole step for his guitar parts. Tom Fogerty’s guitar parts are tuned to standard tuning,

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Where is the strumming pattern for this song?

Hello John, @Mandlebrot
Welcome here and have a lot of fun,
Every now and then the strum pattern is not written out on screen or under the video…in the 11th minute Justin also says that it is in the songbook and if you don’t have it write it down for yourself…If it’s too fast for you you can slow down the video with the icon “settings” at the bottom on the right,
Have fun with it,

Hello, I’m pretty sure it’s DUXU DUXU, where the X on beat 2 and 4 stands for palm mute those beats. Since I’m not able to do the palm mute technique I just drop 2 and 4 , on the guitar, and it works just fine. I’m having so much fun with this at the moment on the uke and on 2 and 4 I just slap the body of the uke :sweat_smile: I love Tina Turner live version :heart_eyes: Hope this helps.

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Hey Silvia. Thanks for your iresponse. I am sure you are correct.

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Great thanks mate