Pull Offs

So, the problem I repeatedly have is executing pull offs on the high E string when playing fast tempo 1/8 or 1/16 notes. I pull the string off the fretboard and it wants to take a dive down the side. There has to be some flaw in my technique, but can’t get a handle on it. Hoping for some direction. Thanks

Sounds like you’re pulling too much high e doesn’t need a lot of effort

Could be; not sure what else. The problem really only occurs when needing to play fast tempo. Haven’t found a way to modulate pressure on that string. It’s a thin E string so I can bend it more easily, but it also pulls much more easily than the other strings.

Sounds like it just needs more practice to train your muscle memory. Look up Justin’s Legato Pentatonic exercise.

Your almost not pulling the string at all, and should have it anchored with a finger behind the one your using. Just try a lighter touch.

Rob - Maybe you could explain how to anchor a finger. Common pull offs on that string are 12 to 10, 10 to 8 or 8 to 5.

This your finger on 10, you are doing a 12 to 10 pull off you only need a light brush against the string to make it work

Quick follow-up: Noticed two things that I was doing (wrong) that may be of some help to others with a similar problem.

1.) I was rolling my wrist back (opposite of doing a bend) which was pulling the string off the side


2.) As Rob was likely intending, I needed to keep a firmer force on the next fretted note after the pull-off. I had too loose a placement which allowed the string to over bend.

Can’t believe how much time I’ve spent trying to figure this out.