Punk Rock Persuit - Rhys in Brisbane, Aus - a little about me

:rofl: putting in the hard yards, good to see!

Great that you’re still going with guitar, I was still a lurker back when you posted your intro above, so a (very!!) belated hi from me now :wave: :wink:

If you haven’t already, check out the latest JGC Open Mic from the weekend, as you’re into punk I think you’ll definitely dig @liaty’s excellent performance here :metal:

All the best from across the ditch… :sunglasses: :+1:

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Thanks for the link mate. Yes loved that

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I bought the 50 MkII EX but wish I had done some more research and bought the 100 MkII. Welcome from a fellow Aussie.

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Hi Rhys, welcome to the community. Looks like you have good gear to rock out on. I’ve had to deal with a small pinkie that tends to curl toward the ring finger too much, but I have learned to work around it. I know that you will also. When you get to Grade 2 modules, you will learn power chords and have a lot more choices of songs that rock.

Update and NGD.

I honestly struggle to find time to post but I still read loads in the community and I’m still trucking along on my JG journey.

My updates
Punk Rock pursuit persists. I have a few Greenday tracks under my belt now Boulevard, When I Come Around and Brain Stew. In addition to still plugging away at Basket Case and Good Ridance.
I also have a few Blink-182 songs with All the Small things and Dammit.
Key to this has been really working on strumming speed Dammit is 220BPM.
I also rip out a decent Fight for your right to party from the Beastie Boys.

I got myself a real life guitar teacher so he’s been pushing me to branch out a little more so under him I’ve learn the 5 minor pentatonic positions and ways to move between them. That’s really helped my fret board knowledge of strings e-G.
End goal here is really to get some good blues capability and of course be able to improve some solos and play more Rock face melters.

Most recently I got the bug and bought a new guitar. It’s a squire strat 40th anniversary and is very pretty. My first guitar was an entry level squire strat too, I couldn’t get any $$ for it so the plan is to turn it into a parts-caster and learn a bit of Luthering. I’m thinking of building a Delonge style single humbucker single volume control punk specific strat!!! :metal:

I found a pair of sunnies to match the new strat so I’m proper styled now.

Keep rockin people!