Purchasing Books

This is just a “for your information.”

I’d be interested in purchasing your books. However, attempting to get the price of mailing the book internationally is like pulling teeth. I’m required to open an account and order a book just to find the cost of shipping. It opens me to identify theft and spam as they want too much personal information. It ain’t happening. That’s the security conscious side of my IT background speaking.

They have the cart before the horse here. And it doesn’t look like you can contact a breathing human being to find the international shipping cost for a book. Oh well. :man_shrugging:

So for the time being, unless an secondary option opens up. Looks like books are off the table for the time being. Sort sad.

Just send @larynejg an email she is breathing ,she probably knows what the shipping costs are…


Everything I’ve bought through the justin’s website didn’t require anything other than information Justin already has and shipping was free. Everything was shipped by mail.
So who exactly are you opening an account with?

Really? When I clicked on links for the songbooks it took me to UK stores with high shipping to the states. Are you perhaps talking about tee shirts or mugs? I haven’t tried any of that yet.

Daniel @LamphunLamyai - Don’t recall where you are located; I’m located in the U.S. If you purchase from Andertons, they have information about international shipping charges including how to determine what they might be without providing personal info. Basically: add items to cart, check out as guest – i entered a fake street address but used my correct zip code, 555-555-5555 for the phone, an email address of fakeacct@example.com – to see shipping charges). One book costs 13.99GBP to deliver to me.

I also tried MusicRoom, but found they wanted much more info. Also noticed the price for the same book appeared different.


Also just noticed that many (if not all) books are available on Amazon, in the U.S. anyway. Some are even available with Prime, so shipping included if that pertains to you.

Hope that helps!


Yeah it’s certainly not Justin’s fault, but shipping from Great Britain to the US is very expensive. I just recently purchased two Masonic books from London, and the shipping was almost as much as the total cost of the two books.

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If you have an iPad they used to be available to purchase in the iTunes. They may still be available to purchase that way.

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I was able to find a couple of songbooks on Sheetmusicplus.com, which is US-based. I think they ordered them from overseas (on my behalf), but the cost to me was much more reasonable.

I was able to find some of the books on Amazon and I found this website for the others. The shipping was already included in the listed price from UK to my country. Justinguitar.com Pop Songbook : Justin Sandercoe (editor) : 9781780386850 : Blackwell's

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I tried Andertons. It still wanted personal info (I missed the “Guest Account” option last night). I’m I very honest man and cringe at lying :pray:, but I filled in bogus info to get a price. Gawd! (gag)

24 quid to to send a 14 quid book to Thailand. I’ve purchased books from Amazon but have never been ‘Postal Raped’ like that. And the UK is much closer to Thailand than the US. I really don’t get the excessive postage, and as a caveat - it does affect my choice to purchase products.

Just sad there isn’t another way to get the books. Guess I’ll do without. Too bad Justin can’t contract with Amazon to publish the books on Kindle.

Ok! Good news! (I :heart: good news).

The book in on Amazon! Roughly $20 bucks and $9.97 shipping. Still almost half the price of the book, but not shipping that costs double the price of the book. After exchange rate its the difference between $30 (Amazon) vs $48 (Andertons) to purchase that book. That’s a no brainer. Still would like to see the book on Kindle as Kindle has become my “go-to” method of buying books. I really prefer to be able to support Justin and the Justin Guitar site, but not by subsidizing postal services and shippers at multiples of the product price.

Have you tried more local outlets?




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Hi there - we don’t sell the books ourselves. :frowning: You can try looking at your local Amazon store! Cheers.

Keith! Nice catch on this one. The book itself is $25 and change at the current exchange rate. In GBP it’s 20 and change for the book being sold in the UK for 14.95 GBP.

Somebody’s gotta make money. In Thailand a lot of the price markup is the horrendous tariffs imposed by the Thai government of foreign goods.

Anyway, if I purchase from this site I’ll save $5 bucks and it will be shipped domestically. That’s a solid plus!

Thanks for catching this and letting me know. :heart: :guitar: I’ll get the book here.

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