Puscifer: Oceans

OK first, I am NOT a singer as evidenced by the video here :laughing:

The original song synth/keyboard-based but I thought it would be cool to figure out a strummed version on guitar. It’s in 3/4 time which I haven’t practiced much in. The simple drum track is from a phone metronome app.

It has been tricky to get the strum and feel for me, especially when attempting to sing but it is coming along ok I think. Anyway be sure to listen to the original as it is SO much better than my version :smiley:

10 months into my new lefty guitar journey…


Nice job Jeff. I think you need to trust your singing voice more as to me it sounds like you definitely can sing, and once the guitar part becomes more automated then you can just go for the vocals and just let it out. Great post and thanks for sharing!

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Sounds great to me! I agree with Eddie, your singing voice is fine - you could put the mic slightly closer to your mouth to tweak the vocals up slightly in the mix.

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Nicely done with guitar and vocal. I agree with observations made on your voice. Maybe look at some Chris Liepe courses to learn some ways of freeing it up a bit?

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I agree with the others above. I really would like to hear your voice more, I can here it’s a singer inside you. Impressive to go lefty!

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I also agree with all the above. You just need to get more confident with using your voice. The only bit I felt you struggled a bit with was halfway through when the higher register part kicked in.
Your guitar play was really good with clean barre chords and a dynamic strum.

All I’ll suggest is keep your strumming arm moving steadily up and down throughout the 3/4 beat even when not hitting the strings. That’ll help you keep time better as you were pausing your strum occasionally and getting slightly off tempo with your backing drum beat.

Well done. I look forward to more from you.

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I appreciate all the feedback offered. For sure I have zero confidence with my voice. I never really aspired to sing and play guitar at all as a former righty. And, it still isn’t one of my primary goals; however, I do like the challenge of using so many parts of the brain to play and sing simultaneously. It is so damn difficult :crazy_face:

Very nicely done there Jeff. I thought that was wonderful. Plenty of barres in there as well. As others have said, your vocals are nice, just more confidence needed.

That’s why it’s good to get the guitar part, or even the words automated so that you only have to think about one or the other. :+1:

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Progressing fantastic Jeff. I agree with all the above. Nothing left to say but keep doing what you are doing.

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OK here is the updated video/progress of this one. I started another thread then realized the audio was way out of sync in the video. Also it was recommended I just update this original thread. Audio sync is corrected now.
Anyway. I used a Zoom Hd1 recorder and the camera picked up audio as well even though it was disabled. Added a bit of reverb on the vocal in Audacity. Overall sounds a bit echo-e but OK. Thanks for watching and always appreciate the feedback…



I thinks that made it sound cool. Big difference from your 1st video. It’s nice to be able to record your progress. And see such improvement!!

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