Quantise Sound wave Colour changed

I have been playing for just over a year and seem to be doing ok, but seem to be having issues maintaining my internal metronome and as such am losing the timing when playing. So I am now learning to use Garageband to record myself and then look at the quantise option as to where I lose the timing. So far I am just doing scales in to 80bpm and i seem to always be getting slightly faster than the beat.
When I use the quantise option at 100%, the colours change colour. They start out as all blue, but then when i quantise, some change to white, some grey and some blue. What do the colours signify? I cannot seem to find any details on line. I am hoping it just meant that all blue were on the beat and others off, but it doesn’t seem to hold true in all cases…
Does anyone know?

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I can’t answer your question about colors in Garage Band.

However, if you are using GB on a Mac, I think you can use one of the edit views to show the waveform on a grid of the beats, and it’s very easy to see if you are playing on the beat or not.

I only have an iPad, and the iPad version of GB does not support this, AFAIK.

However, I’ve just started using Logic Pro 2 on my new iPad, and it does have this feature.

I highly recommend Josh Skaja’s free course - Metronome Boot Camp, where he goes into great detail about how to set up GB for exactly this exercise.

I was able to noticeably improve in just a few minutes using his approach.

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Thank you Tbushell, much appreciate, i will running through this course from tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear it.

Note that this is the last lesson - what he calls the “Universal Exercise”.

I did the whole course…but it’s a lot!

If you don’t do all of it, the other exercise he strongly recommends is earlier in the course - “Bury the Click”. Justin has something similar in one of his metronome lessons.