Questio-rant about learning

To be honest, I haven’t purchased his courses, but I have been mightily impressed by his free offerings. If I had more time and money I would absolutely buy his courses.

What you described is a pretty sweet deal!

Merrill, there are only a few of his courses that require purchase, off the top of my head: Practice Music Theory, Solo Blues, and Strumming Techniques. What many people opt for his to purchase/subscribe to the App. It includes the Grade 1 & 2 lessons, plus provides the ability to play along with a range of songs.


Thanks, I am a newbie here, and prior to the pandemic was scrabbling around the edges of the free offerings, so I am pretty ???

Yeah! You are totally right :grin:. I was just shocked of @stahlhammer been able to do it in just 6 months.

Anyway, I’ve been learning some songs above my current level and that required a lot of extra time, but been able to play AC/DC with my SG-like guitar was worth the effort :metal::guitar:. Besides, now, G-sus and C are my strongest chords thanks to it :grin:


OK you say you were “scrabbling around the edges of the free offerings”. Have you looked at the website structure and grading system or found your way here from random YouTube lessons. The methodology is a ground up path way from basic open chords to more complex intermediate and above players, which 1000s have followed and have found success.

What is it you are not sure of ? You speak of it as a purchased set of courses, so you obviously have not looked at the wealth of training modules on Justin website that are free and provide a structured pathway. It is a very small percentage of Justin material that is paid for unlike other sites and his goal is to provide free learning to those who do not have access or the amenities for paid tuition.

What is it exactly you are not sure about. I would love to understand that statement ?

Seems none of this is free from what I can see, everything is paid for ?? Why do you recommend him ?

You don’t have to buy it its free !

And the OP is already following Justin courses, as he clearly states, he had gone through stages of Grade 1 and 2, why recommend he does what he has already done. Your input makes no sense.

Maybe I missed a meeting but he is already taking about Justin courses.


Hey Toby, guess what?

Linky works :joy::joy::joy:

Guess what ? No free guitar tuition thar !!

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Silly sausage :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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No, clearly I am the one making assumptions and missing meetings! Thanks for the info. Others have pointed this out, too. I didn’t realize the guy was talking about Justin’s course because I clearly know nothing about it. I have used his YT videos for specific purposes and a few of his training materials without getting into courses, which I always thought I had to pay for. But it’s easy to tell he’s an excellent teacher just from those bits and bobs.

Some times a car driver needs to look under the hood.

For your future reference. Apart from the courses stated above, all of this is free and being added to all the time. Take a look around, you may find something of interest now you have logged on the the site.



Great, I will definitely be doing that…

BINGO! That’s what it’s all about. That’s what made the biggest difference for me when at the beginner stage and what still gives me the greatest satisfaction 10 years on.

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I’d recommend seeing a guitar teacher, the can help a whole lot if you are stuck.

I was in a similar situation to you when I was about a year into the guitar. I felt like I couldn’t progress though online videos alone. So I signed up lessons at the local Guitar Center. The teacher there wasn’t even that good, but he was just good enough to get me unstuck. I only ended up taking about 2 months worth of weekly lessons and that was all I needed to get over the hump.

I learned the basics of reading sheet music and from there on out I felt I could learn so much more on my own. I bought the Hal Leonard Books Grade 1 though 3 with audio. They have a a nice feature where you can slow down the audio to pay along, and that kept me going for over the next year.

More recently I purchased Mel Bay’s Guitar method (which isn’t for beginners but pretty great once you’ve gotten everything out of the Hal Leonard’s Method) and I’m sure I’ll be busy with that for the next couple of years. If I ever feel like I’m not progressing anymore I’d definitely go find a teacher again though.

Dude I’m 70. What I am learning is unexplainable without sounding goofy.If you are enjoying it don’t worry about anything else.


I’m in my mid 50s, and have been learning for 8 months or thereabouts.
I too have been through the grade 1 and most of 2, but that was really just going through it - I haven’t mastered it.
Now I have farted around with going off in different directions, I am doing what has been suggested above - do the SONGS listed in the grades.

Stuff like 3 Little Birds may sound a bit tedious after the 10th time, but only if I get it right.
Changing between chords is fine - at 150 per minute (assuming they are perfect) you are far ahead of me, but although I can probably get 50 or 60 changes per minute perfectly (for a given value of perfect!) doing so whilst trying to do more than a basic strumming pattern makes things go out of the window.

combining the strumming and chord changes takes extra work - our brain has got two different things to cope with rather than just the one, and (breathe in, Breathe out :yum:) coping with more than one thing is going to take a good deal more practice and brain power.

The other thing I would say is don’t practice for too long.
Go through a song 2 or 3 times and see which bits you get stuck on.
Then just pick that bit - the chords and strumming, and do it really slow - stupidly slow, as if you are stuck in a vat of glue, then move on to something completely different, just noodling around seeing which notes sound nice, or trying to name the notes on the frets.

Then leave the guitar alone completely for an hour and forget it - do something else.
Repeat and take it from there.
Put it this way: At 40 you could still take 10 years to learn the guitar, and only be 50 by the time you are happy.
I’ll be collecting my pension by then… :crazy_face:


Tons of great advice for you there dude.

Forget trying to do your 1 minute changes at ridiculous speeds and concentrate on what you struggle with. In your words it’s songs. Start with the simplist approach of one strum per bar and build up. Have fun with them, experiment with strumming patterns once you are comfortable.

Started Justin Guitar as a complete beginner: had never even held a guitar before. Got to the D chord and could not execute it without my ring finger muting the thinnest string. 20-30 minutes per day, 4-5 days a week for about 5 weeks. I just could not make it happen consistently. I could force it to ring clean once in a while but if I moved that ring finger one micron, dead again. Nobody to show me what I was doing wrong. Nobody to reposition my fingers correctly or suggest corrections. I’m out…opting for in-person lessons and hoping for the best. I liked Justin’s style and demeanor. The little bit of content I experienced seemed great. Big respect to those who can learn online and via video. I just could not figure it out on my own.

Hi Bobbert, may I suggest you post a picture or short video of your fingering? This community is very supportive and knowledgeable and may be able to assist you. Also there are a couple of Justin approved teachers part of the community that could provide some feedback.

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Where would I post that?

You could post a photo or upload a video on YouTube (unlisted) and post the link here mate.