Question about Disqus

Will the Disqus portion of the website be eliminated and each lesson linked to
its own thread on the new forum like the Old Beginner Course? The subcategories
are already there. They would just need to be linked.

It made it so much easier for someone to just click on the link and be taken to the
appropriate thread on the Forum. Where they could ask their question or browse the
questions and replies already there.

Made it a lot easier to help some one with a question when you know what lesson they
where asking about. It would also free up some of Richard’s and Lieven’s time

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Definitely agree with this and it was the impression I got, when it was mentioned that the website and not forum history would be migrated. A direct lesson to community link is the way to go, as it was before the forum became isolated. But I now wonder, having been here for a “while”, what value migrating the Disqus content will have ? Maybe its just easier or cheaper. :upside_down_face:

I think it would be better to ditch the Disqus portion all together and link each lesson to
the community.
Hopefully that’s the plan. I see no value in having Disqus at all once this goes public.

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