Question about « Grade 1 test »

Hi everybody ! A question. I’m beginning « beginner grade 2 » and I just saw the page « Grade 1 Test! Ready to Pass? ». Oups!…. Intriguing. Is this an exam? An intensive recapitulation? I’m certainly willing to pass a test. No problem. I was just wondering before I pay for it what’s on the other side of that link. Thank you all and good day.

Hope this section is the right place for my question…

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I am not aware there is any real detail of what is going to be Grade 2 of the strumming course.

It is similar to grade 1 guitar. There are set things you need to have learnt and can repeat from the relevant course in order to feel you’re ready to move on.

So grade 1 guitar learn 5 song to memory
Plus the rest.

Grade 1 strumming learn 5 patterns plus more


@Libitina Thank you :pray:

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Thank you!

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