Question about moving up a grade


When justin says you should have a go at some of the songs is it required to be able to play the song in the exact speed or with the right strumming pattern. I general do the right strumming pattern but i normally cant play anything more than 70-80bpm otherwise its tons of mistakes. Or is this something that i would work on later?

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Take your time get it right. Don’t move on til you got it right . It will definitely be well worth the wait . Also the courses only get harder so take your time and get it right.


I agree; do it right. I’ve moved on too quickly in the past and gotten frustrated and put the guitar down. I did that a few times. I’m hanging out at the end of a grade now until I “get it right” and it feels so good. I do get antsy and want to move on, but it feels good because I know that experience says it’s the right thing to do.

Hi Ian, beginner currently consolidating Grade 2 here… If you’re asking about moving up a module, then yes, it can be OK to move on. Why? Well, before moving up a grade, there is consolidation. It is important to follow the advice given above before moving up a grade, for all the reasons given. I get the terminology (grade, module, lesson) confused…sorry if this is obvious information!


If you are struggling with strumming, I’d recommend you take a look at

After a decade of heavy handed string mashing, I am finding it really useful to acquire some finesse !

I reckon for consolidation, before moving up a grade you should be able to play the songs at full tempo and strumming, but without necessarily singing.

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Ian - what grade are you currently working in and what songs are you playing whose speed eludes you?
Songs have different tempos so it is impossible to give a one-size-fits-all rule on the speed question.
Dance The Night Away is a 2-chord beginner song but very fast compared to the 3-chord song For What It’s Worth.