Question About My New Electric Guitar Strings

Hey Friends,

I bought some electric guitar strings from Amazon. They are D’Addario EXL110-3D, Regular Light Gauge. When they arrived, I noticed on the package, it said “for 12-string sets”. Does that make any difference? Can I go ahead and use these on my Sterling by Music Man 6-string guitar?



Just did a quick google this add say 6 string. Reckon you’ll be ok. :sunglasses:

Do you have 12 strings in a pack? If so, you can use the “thick” ones from the octave pairs and one each from the B and high E strings.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner @Jozsef Thanks to you both. Yeah, the box says 6-string, the three packages inside say for 12 strings. Josef, there are only 8 strings in each of the three packages.

I checked out your link, Toby and went back to the description link from my Amazon order. All say the same. I will go ahead and use them. Kind of odd though, huh?

Thanks, Pam

Mis-packaged ?? All a bit weird but if the gauges match what you need, get re-stringing ! :sunglasses: