Question about solo scales

hi friends, I have picked up guitar after 10 years and after getting my fingers used to the strings etc. I have been learning C major scale. Reason being its got no sharps or flats and chords progressions are fairly simple.
I have a question on playing solos of some of my favorite songs.
Is it possible to play any existing song solo in C major scale (basically since that’s the scale I am most used to for now)? The one in my mind is from Dream Theater, song Another Day. Believe the original solo is in Bm pentatonic.
Is it transposable to C Major scale?

You could play it in A minor which is the minor key of C major , essentially the same notes (knocke down to the pentatotic)

C major :

A minor Pent:

So would be transposing the Bm down 2 steps effectively.

Unless I be crazy

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Hey Salil,

You could transpose it to C. Not sure how it would sound though.
I believe the original is in B/G#m.
Beautiful song, and solo, from one of the greats. Not one I’ve tried, but imagine it would be a bit of a challenge.
Good luck with it.

Cheers, Shane

Hello Salil. It seems you are seeking to run before you can walk.
As others have said, if a solo is B minor pentatonic, taking the whole song down two semitones in pitch places the solo in A minor pentatonic. And that is a subset of the relative minor (A minor scale) or the key of C major.
But unless you already have minor pentatonic skill then you’re looking too far ahead.
Stick to the learning structure in Justin’s courses. It will come soon enough.