Question about videos/filming/recording

What equipment/software do I need to make one video of myself playing 4 separate guitar sections?

I think I understand what I need for recording via one of Justin’s videos. Is there some kind of mixing/editing software required? Do these software options include a video component?

Obviously you’ll need a camera and an audio interface (although you could do the filming using a modern phone.

For recording with a webcam direct to the PC, you could use OBS Studio (which is free).

Then you need editing software. For audio, you could use a DAW, but for audio and video you need a video editor. Two great (free) options:

DaVinci Resolve

Both have quite steep learning curves, because the nature of video editing is not that simple. Als you will need to learn a lot of techniques to learn how to sync the different videos. In that respect, Youtube tutorials are your friend.




What computer do you have?

Video editing is usually an involved lengthy process

Yep, Keith and Rob have got you informed.
Of course you will need some guitars, amps, mics and headphones of some kind.

For recording I use 3 separate tools for the computer.
A audio interface to get the guitar and vocals to the computer.
A DAW (digital audio workstation) to mix the audio. I use waveform 12. It’s free too. No one else here seems to use it, but it works fine for me and has not failed me.
A movie maker program. I use that DaVinci Resolve that Keith is talking about.
While the DAW has a learning curve for sure. The movie program will make you crazy. A very steep learning curve. I’ve only done maybe 3 videos and everyone of them taxed my computer skills to the max.

fwiw. I’m continuing making videos even though I find it very hard to do as the results are very satisfying. imho, at this point I still feel learning to do these movies is worth the effort of going crazy learning to make it happen.

Good luck and hope to see a your video up here on the forum.


Thank you! I am not looking for produce anything professional lol. Just looking to have fun with friends and family. I have an iPad and also a Windows laptop (Dell).

My idea was to literally record a couple separate pieces and put them together on a video. I thought with all the crazy apps and advancement in tech that there would be something easy to use. I was thinking something like iMovie but for music. It sounds like its a pretty involved process so I will tread lightly!

The difference between “having fun” and “professional” with video editing has very little to do with the tools, these days, which are all capable of producing high quality output.

It’s all about the technique and production skills, which are something which takes time and practice to acquire.

It’s a bit like guitar: a better guitar won’t make you a better player.



Good to know. Thank you.

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