Question: Barre with no other notes

When strumming barre chords, if pull off all fingers except the barre, it seems to make a pleasant, complementary sound. Is there a name for these “naked” barre chords or is it just some voicing or version of the same chord?

Yes and it would depend on what fret you are barring for example if you strum all the open strings its an E7#9sus4 or A9sus4/E.

In 5th fret it couls be Am11 or Em11b13 etc. Have a look at

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It would hurt my brain to remember those names. I’ll just call them Naked F , Naked B, etc.


Will do. Thanks.

I really like that :smiley::+1:.


But only in your head then because otherwise it is really a bit strange ( Not just for Dutch readers, right?)… Justin sometimes warns us about the “weird” things like chunka chunka… saying it out loud to non-Justin students :wink:

Its effectively like an open string strum which you can do in between chord changes , but with a capo instead

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Naked Chunka Chunka Quadads !! Ooo err missus ! :scream:

Which I would think it more versatile than strumming open chords - a different sound for chord transitions. I’ll have to toy with that…

I was not aware the Dutch have a problem with naaktheid. :thinking:

Of course JG has a relevant lesson! :grinning:

Not wth my laptop so I explane later if you want …I wasn’t making a joke …but I was laughing while typing …
Goodnight and keep it …well …what you want :upside_down_face:

Probably our time is better spent playing… :wink:

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And you keep sliding :peach:, it will be called Naked Sliding