Question regarding copyrights and uploading videos of practice

I’m getting ready to upload some videos to ‘baseline’ my current playing.
However, recently I read some comments about “covers” and copyright infringement (not on this forum).

So here I am. A regular sorta guy who wants to post himself playing well known songs, riffs, and segments of songs, and uploading the videos to share here on Justin Guitar in order to show my progress over time.

When do I have to worry about YouTube hitting me with a copyright infringement if I’m making videos of my own playing songs (ya’ll call that “cover” right?) for the sole purpose of charting my own technical progress playing the guitar over time? Or do I?


Nothing to worry about Daniel. If YouTube copyright check picks up on your cover the most common outcome is that any money earned from views or adscwould go to the holder. In rare cases the video may get blocked. So just carry on, make recordings, upload and share in Audio-Video Of You Playing


Thanks David. Any YouTube account I create to upload videos wouldn’t be monetized anyway as its purpose is to simply chart my own progress.


As said only an issue if you’re monetising your videos really


Never, is the short answer.

It should give you no cause for worry at all, none.

There will be no effect, no action, no consequence, nothing.

As to monetisation … it is not something most people sharing AVOYP here can attain.

There are two levels. This is the lowest level of criterion to be eligible.


I doubt 500 subscribers are going to give a rip about my AVOYP. :+1: :wink:
Thanks for the info!


Never, is never the short answer

I received a copyright warning and takedown for a cover of Hotel California and was informed ‘3 strikes and you’re out’ policy.
It’s a bit of a badge of pride
Steer clear of the legal Eagles and you’ll be fine :rofl:


Yes, don’t put a load of time and effort into learning anything by The Eagles because the only feedback you’ll get is from their lawyers. They’re well known for it.


Daniel @LamphunLamyai
Got my first copyright claim on my last AVOYP, after some feedback from community it was confirmed as nothing to worry about as said above.
Thinking about it afterwards I took it as a compliment as must have sounded good enough for it to be recognised.


@LamphunLamyai if yiu want to keep track of your progress and share your videos the best way is to start your own Learning Log. Thus way all you vidios and any helpful hunts will all be in one place that you can go back and review any time.
If you upload them to AVOYP they will get buried under other postes.

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Another way to keep easy access to your AVoYPs is to compile a list of links to your AVoYP posts in the first post of your Learning Log as unlike subsequent posts this first post can be edited forever.

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I thought you could also edit your first post in an AVOYP (so that people who post a lot of songs every month can do it in one thread instead of spamming the AVOYP category with a bunch of new topics).

Have I got that wrong?


No that is also the case. So you can do it either way.


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But it is always good to have a single list in your Learning Log rather than just having several topics with lists.

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