Questions about the app?

When playing a song using the app, there are lines with dots. Do those represent the 1+2+3+4+ ? Trying to figure out how to keep time with the songs, as they all have different BPM. Also, Justin mentions a metronome app he has but I cannot find it on Google Play. Anyone know how to download that?

Peter @bishopsnet
This is what is on the Apple App Store, for the Justin’s Metronome App

Don’t have access to Google Play but would assume it is available.

Google Play Store:

Peter, I encountered a similar issue. It seems, the explanation is that the app is not compatible with certain cell phones. Accordingly, it would seem that the app is not even shown in the Play Store.

I have a OnePlus 9. Not the newest of the new, yet not very old either. There are alternatives however, just test and find out which metronome app you like most. That’s how I found the one, I am using at the moment.

That is correct.

@Richard_close2u did a really good series on how to play along with the App or other backing tracks, but I can’t find it now.

Richard, can you post a link?

By special request: Counting and keeping time when playing to a backing track