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I am on mod 9 of the beginners course 2 why are some of the songs marked as grade 4 ? eg the scientist,californication,and you cant always get what you want.

Hi John, fellow Grade 2-er here. For Californication and You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Justin suggests some simplifications in the “6 Awesome Songs to Practice the F Chord” section of Songs for Module 9. He also mentions a “simple” version of The Scientist, though it’s easy to overlook the link (and it’s still tagged as Grade 3 - I haven’t watched the lesson so I can’t comment on it!). I recall sticking with House of the Rising Sun and One, for these very reasons. :smiling_face:

Hi Judi
just found the link for the easy version of the scientist sounds good will try that one thanks for the info

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John, Justin likes to do songs that a beginner can do but he will also show you all the bells and whistles if you want to really get your teeth into it. I think this is why he marks some songs at different grades. These song’s will grow as you grow.

Cheers Stefan