Quick Taste of one Duo I am In (Me on the Right)


Nice! I know that one from the Dead, but I’m guessing it’s older than that.

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great rendition DJ
Looks like you got some proper winter weather snow outside there too!

That’s got a great vibe to it. It’s great to see you up there making music and havin fun. :slight_smile:

Looks like you both are having a great time. Nice :slight_smile:

Yes I believe so - but i know it from the Dead. I play quite a lot of Dead tunes with a duo or in a band.

Always - played with a 5 piece the other night and had a blast

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Trying to play anytime now. With duos and with more players. Trying to be gigging a few times per month

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Canada. :slight_smile:

Great DJ!
Looks like your having a lot of fun.

A real fun song your doing there too.
Love your pickin!

Thanks for sharing.

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And we are playing at the base of a ski hill.

Always have fun playing… More to come as it is a big focus the next few years
Trying to improve both my country and blues playing also

Good play, nice vocals and harmony. Fairly good recording for what looks like a phone. Extra points for the footwork on the pedals!

Keep on with the good vibes!

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Oh nice! WIsh the clip was longer :slight_smile:
Please post more of your country + blues songs.

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Thanks - Playing in three band configurations - so having fun- and gigs lined up for each of them. Out to play more and more this year.