Rachels Learning Log

Due to some technical issues I’m creating a new log which will be broken down by Year/Month and old links will be added here for my info. Eventually I’ll close my first log. !

For you to see the current posting you will need to open the current year and month.

Oct 28th - Dec 31st 2022

Strumming SOS started 24-Dec-22 finalising
Strumming Dynamics Course 2 - Started 18/03/23

Nov 2022

OMC’s on all chords progressing very well.

Dec 2022

To Dec 31st 2022
All listed OMC’s 45 changes and above

Jan - Jun 2023

Continued practice of all Grade 1 material from early 2023
Old AVoYP - don’t revisit !
Mar 8th - Theory Grade 1 and 2 Passed
Jun 23rd for history.

Jul - Dec 2023

E Minor Pentatonic @180pbm alternating pick
Open note study & repeat @ 12th to 15th fret
C Major Scale @180bpm no pick
C Maj Scale alternating pick @200bpm
Song Practice (Teardrops on my Guitar)
Struming Accent 2&4 / both versions @140bpm + 3/4 chords
stuck 3/4 chords
3/4 omc (G to D) with a mute just for the hell of it
reprtoir revision

Oct 27 - 1 Year completed.
Module 8 Complete.
Module 9 only practicing F chord and changes now

1st Grade 2 piece using stuck 3/4 chords and alternating picking posted 14th Oct
2nd Grade 2 piece posted 22 Dec - 1st FMaj7 chord


Modules 10 & 11 now in Jan 2024
Ready now to record “Little Pink Houses” - Musopia App - Coming soon
I only use the FMaj7 as I’m still learning the Barre F, hope to have this recorded before XMas.

Log for 2024
Jan - Mar 2024
Module 10

Weak G used back in Dec in song “Little pink houses” and onward when better suited
Using small barre AMaj when I can , needs some attentions as tends to mute on release. !
Barre F - pleased with progress - up to 45+ changes to weak G - when possible redo last song with full F chord
Alternate picking C Maj, fine here well over 60 bpm
C Maj improv - still to do
Rythem push - not started -need to look at “for what it worth”
Beginner hammer on’s WIP for 2 months , need to attempt hammer on for last song more
La Bamba riff - completed
Chord progressions - not started
Songs - 3 completed and recorded for grade 2 using grade 2 techniques

For the most part module 10 I am comfortable with, with a few exceptions to carry forward. !

Module 11

I’ve not started fingerstyle much beyond that listed in grade 1 and 2 areas. I must get this started ASAP for March

Apr - Jun 2024

Recorded first song with Fmaj 16/05/2024
Whole of the Moon although I only used 2 strum rythem I’m please to add that to my chord usage. Now to start with different strumming patterns and also add “Have you ever seen the Rain”
Module 9 Completed with Pinky workout daily
Completed Grade 3 Theory on 2nd attempt 23/05/2024

  • Notes
    I haven’t progressed much in strumming SOS Grade 2 due to time away with partners build project. I’m in need of catch up time now in a few areas.

Parts not completed are Improv from module 10, not sure why this is bothering me so much. :frowning: to not have done this ages ago



I don’t think it is doing what you want, Rachel

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not yet, but I’ve not uesed these items before , so learning the can’s and cant’s of these items :slight_smile:

Was testing if the date can be entered in the “Summary” text, it appears not

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can you not just use a word doc and update it as you progress? :thinking:

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I thought about it but decided no, the above choise is much tider now and still may have some changes , we’ll see.


That looks neat, Rachel.

As far as I know, your orginal post well remain editable without any time-constraint.

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Of course there’s a big downside to this, I don’t think anyone know if you’ve update your original post. Perhaps I need to rethink this Idea. ?

Anyway a new AVOYP comming soon to a youtube channel near you - Little Pink houses - The App. !




Not a great deal to say right now, continued practice of grade 2 material is going well.

F Barre in over 40 change a min, and almost ready to try in songs.
3 pieces have already been recorded for grade 2 so I’m pleased with that.
Pretty much finished with module 10 but, i’ll carry on with a few that I feel still need work.

Module 11 for Feb-Mar

Original post update.


Have to add a little post here today. ! I

I played not (100% accurate) , “The whole of the Moon” and using F, Fpheww. I had to play with minimal strumming though, A lovely piece with 6 chords G,C,Em,Dm,Am and F.

Pleased as punch. !



Good on you Rachel, Whole of the Moon is a cool song, I’ve never tried playing it actually and talk about covering a good range of chords, well done!

Awesome :+1:

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Thank you Mark.


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wow, I really need to play catch up , helping build my partners workshop is putting guitar on the back seat. 3 months since I made any changes and all I’v managed to do is play intermittently :frowning:

I really feel like I’m missing my guitar


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Whole of the Moon recorded with 1st use of FMaj chord, main post update.


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So, I really don’t want to do these power chords from Grade 2 mod 12, I just feel they’re not my cup of T.
If I feel later down the line (ha much later down the line), I might come back to them. !

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I didn’t pass the 1st time, I only got 85% , 3 wrong but I didn’t write anything, Just listened to the videos.

I will still do all the paperwork for my folder though. !