Radek - January 2023 - "Scarborough Fair", “Indiana Jones Main Theme”

Classical challenge no 11, this month it is traditional English ballad “Scarborough Fair” made famous by Simon & Garfunkel in the 60’s. I experimented again with the guitar neck angle, in this recording it is quite steep and somewhat challenging for longer sessions. I lowered it now to more comfortable angle.

New year, new challenges and new adventures. To begin with something cheerful, the main theme from a series of films about the most famous archaeologist, Indiana Jones :).

This year I would like to focus a little bit more on contemporary fingerstyle, apart from classical pieces and therefore this first recording.


Wow, very nice. Clean, smooth and great fingerstyle playing!


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Lovely sound Radek, soft fingers and nice looking control on the picking hand :+1:

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That was really nice, did you arrange it yourself?

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Well played and sounded good, Radek.

I noticed your index finger of your right hand flicks out to varying degrees at some moments and stays with the other fingers at other times.

Look forward to more as you progress, both classical and contemporary.

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Thank you kindly Lee, I’m happy that you like it :slight_smile:.

Thanks Craig! I still have a work to do on my picking hand :sweat_smile:.

Thank you Paul. No, the arrangement comes from Hover Guitar lesson on You Tube. I’m just a guy who plays someone else’s arrangements :sweat_smile:.

Thanks David! I have a problem with involuntary big movement of my index finger, haven’t figured out yet how to minimise it.


Very nicely played Radek, it sounds really good…is this the first time I see you use an Ergoplay? I use it regularly on my Classical and it saves me a lot of unnecessary pain and tension! My acoustic is too heavy otherwise I would use it as well.

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Thank you Silvia :slight_smile:.

Yes, this is first recording with Ergoplay. I’ve seen you were using one and I decided to try it out :slight_smile:. I got it for Christmas and used ever since. It is not without challenge but it looks like the pros outweigh the cons. My backpain simply disappeared but the neck is much higher and I need to take breaks more often due to the left hand fatigue. It was also interesting to see that with the support some songs got immediately easier and sounded better while some got worse and still require work to catch up.

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Wonderful playing Radek and not one I’ve ever heard played on guitar before. A very nice change.

I’m looking forward to what else you are going to share with us this year.

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That was a lovely rendition Radek, certainly sounds a lot different played this way. Have your fingers grown ? They look even longer than usual ! :rofl:

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Well that brought a smile to my otherwise mildly stressful day.

“It’s not the years, honey, it’s the mileage.”
–Indiana Jones

Thanks for the cool post and nice guitar work.

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Thanks Stefan :slight_smile:. I’m glad that thanks to this little piece you heard something new. I have a soft spot for movie themes, they are always great source of inspiration to me.

Thank you Toby :grinning:. My fingers could look different due to the raised guitar neck.

Thanks Jason! I’m happy that it lighten a little your day. Milage is indeed a contributing factor :sweat_smile:.


Just added a new recording to my January list, description and the video are in the original post at the top :slight_smile:.