Radek - June 2023 - Cuckoo Waltz (Classical challenge no 5)

Classical Challenge no 5

New month and the new challenge, something less dramatic then previous The Phantom of the Opera. Number five is Johan Emanuel Jonasson’s “Cuckoo Waltz”, some of you can be familiar with this tune from your old doorbells :sweat_smile:.

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Excellent work Radek. They were great. Some superb fingerpicking going on. Phantom was my favourite though.

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Hello Radek,
that was very nice playing :smiley::+1::clap:.
I’m always looking forward to your recordings as it’s so interesting seeing you playing classical tunes. Although it’s not the kind of music I’m going to play, I love the additional musical variety you bring into the community.
Both peaces are very enjoyable :blush:.
Thanks a lot for sharing :hugs:.

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Very nicely played :clap: I always enjoy listening to your finger style pieces :v:

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Thanks Stefan, happy that you liked it. Phantom was out off the prescribed list and my own picking although there were moments when I was regretting this choice :sweat_smile:.

Thank you Nicole for keeping tracking of my humble exercises. Happy to hear that you like variety, so do I, it helps to get better perspective at different things.

Thanks for stepping by Lee, always happy to see your comments :slight_smile:.